The Exposed SCANDELOUS BUT Actual Facts Are: ......

              So the Political System has FAILED!

Is it not utterly dishonourable & questionable misconduct by our Elected Politicians within the Commonwealth of Australia; given that we have two (2) first political parties who engaged in self-serving revolving governments of the Coalition Government & of the Labour Government, who have both failed to provide any stable governments since 2006?
Those two (2) said political parties have chosen to engage in self-serving internal individual’s ego’s & selfish personal interests, that is politically unacceptable & resulted in political unrests & instability & are severe forms of misconduct in public office high positions of trust. 
Such political party infighting & instability has dishonourably occurred against the best interests of We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia since 2006 to December 2017 by such engaging in politician’s infighting, we were dishonourably forced to endure at least seven (7) Prime Ministership changes & seven (7) political party disruptions.
Plus at least nine (9) deputy Prime Ministership changes and nine (9) political party disruptions to additionally endure some eligible changes & one constitutionally HCA found to be ineligible to hold any office.  But, is free without any perjury penalties against him & then by more dishonourable deceit again he became the Deputy Prime Minister for this time around a few weeks until his years of deception & infidelity caught him out.
He was Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce who invalidly & illegally had unlawfully passed by his crucial vote the Telstra full privatisation legislation in 2005 while ineligible to hold any public office & was not a valid Senator, but, is rendered an invalid share float.
Those Politically unstable Political Party infightings & politically unconscionably inflicted Political Party disruptions do & have hindered this Market Concealed CoT matter from having had any stable Cabinet Members leadership since late 2006. Hence the 2006 insider trading & market manipulation frauds white-collar-crimes of the Howard Coalition Government are still swept under their revolving files filling cabinet fixtures & carpets.  
Rendering us Lawful Sovereigns of the Commonwealth of Australian to be left a bit like having had no Captains at the helm, without any rudders to steer the in distress sinking ship & thereby incapable of rescuing the ship, the passengers and or overboard crew.
Does give rise to the question for Your Consideration, if at the next Federal Election, if over 50% of we the voting public wrote on their ballot papers, NO CANDIDATE IS WORTH MY VOTE. Would that then result in forcing a second FEDERAL ELECTION?  If so, would that then prevent those we the people had just rejected political candidates from re-standing again in the second FEDERAL ELECTION, leaving them without a job? 
If so, then that would give we the people a clean ship with a fresh new political start without such political party's dishonourable self-serving people milking us & who have ignored to refuse us our constitutional rights to have a FULL BLOWN SENATE INQUIRY to assist in protecting CoT victims?
Their political unrests have resulted in unjust inabilities to politically make & or to adhere to any necessary Cabinet Members decisions. As such those political instabilities have produced unsustainable Cabinet position leadership changes, & has inflicted on the people disruptions that do equate on average to having, had to endure in just the last eleven (11) years from 2006 until late 2017 being this previous year.
Hence, we have been forced to face every 1.57 years a retracted position of the Prime Ministership & every 1.22 years an altered post of the Deputy Prime Ministership based on mere averages.

Evidencing there is No Independent Justice Left within the Commonwealth of Australia in 2017. 

Apart from the fact that the Judicial SYSTEM has been CORPORATISED and it is  now a Political Stacked & Rigged Deck of Cards.  

It is a Totally Corrupt and a Wilfully Failed System!

Hereby are exposing directly to you Senator Mathias Corman as you are the currently responsible Minister for Finance in the Turnbull Coalition Government of the Commonwealth of Australia, (and you Minister are thereby an ‘Advocate’ for we the people).

Hence I am hereby instructing and noticing in good faith herein for you Minister to immediately instruct the Commonwealth Attorney-General, to now do his job to the full extent of the law as he is currently the HIGHEST LAW OFFICER in the Commonwealth of Australia and he must now act in relation remedying and rectifying falsified court records to correct the wrongdoings of what I am in good faith herewith exposing.

Which is what I do view as exposed herein as having been totally dishonest, corrupt and unlawful misconduct perpetrated by Lawyers and implicated officers of the Commonwealth, who have collusively engaged in perpetrating by their colluded premeditated criminal intents. Which criminality included acts of suborning perjury on their parts and on the parts of their lawyers and on the parts of the lawyers retained legal counsel(s) who collusively were involved in causing serious white-collar-crimes of perverting the course of justice and causing illegal miscarriages of justice on various occasions.
They initial perpetrators collusively and maliciously did so firstly on the 23rd December 1996 and again between 1999 to 2006 and again between 2008 to at least 2010, each time involving more and more perjury with ongoing criminality, still currently being perpetrated by in July 2017 by their departmental cohort employed in the public service as ‘Legal Officers’ positioned within the Legal and Assurance Branch of the Department of Finance at Forrest situated within the Australian Capital Territory.
Those Legal Officers are dishonestly misusing third party procured unsealed and unsigned purported court decisions and purported reasons which are irrelevant to the herein accruing National debt(s) owing to the herein Man who is the herein ‘Beneficiary’.

The invalid purported FEDERAL MAGISTRATE Court decision was invalidly procured based on perjured evidence given by officers of the Commonwealth, being by the Department of Finance ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE and ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Head Officer, Jenni KOENIG, and by her CEO Anthony ASOME who were both departmentally aided and abetted by another officer from the ‘Legal Officer’ section, being Alison SPURGIN, after being induced by Mallesons Stephen Jaques (MSJ) partners in February 2009, as set out herein in additional detail and as as per the herewith enclosed ‘independent witness statements’ as itemize herein below 
After all, all members of the legal profession, such as your self Minister when they or you become Members of the Bar to be able to be a legal practitioner are each under an oath or under an affirmation and I view that therefore lawyers involved are obligated to reveal such ‘inappropriate misconduct’ that may have resulted in these herein miscarriages of justice, as on each relevant time, there were litigation in progress to which it was critical for the court to be aware of all supressed relevant details.
In note in: Foster (1950) S.R. (N.S.W.) 149, at P.151 (Lord Denning, speaking on the role of an ‘Advocate’)
As an Advocate he is a Minister of Justice equally with a judge, A Barrister cannot pick or choose his clients...
He must accept the brief and do all he honourably can on behalf of his client.
I say 'All he honourably can' because his duty is not only to his client. He has a duty to the Court which is paramount. It is a mistake to suppose that he is a mouthpiece of his client to say what he wants: or his clients tool to do what he directs. He is none of those things. He owes his allegiance to a higher cause. It is the cause of truth and Justice. He must not consciously misstate the facts. He must not knowingly conceal the truth. He must not unjustly make a charge of fraud, that is, without evidence to support it. He must produce all relevant authorities, even those that are against him. He must see that his client discloses, if ordered, all relevant documents, even those that are fatal to his clients case. He must disregard the specific instructions of his client, if they conflict with his duty to the court.  END QUOTE

Politician and Lawyer DESIGNED to be a corrptly misrun system designed to turn inocent victims into LAWYER FODDER to quote internal records of officers of the Commonwealth; so that We the People are denied our Human, Civil and Consitutional Rights to obtain any JUSTICE through no-fault-of-our-own; and so We the People have become Victims of Systemically Corrupt Wrongdoings.
Why do we become VICTIMS - Because JUSTICE is SOLD, and BOUGHT.

Particularly when as occured in this matter corrupt JUDICIAL competing and conflicting loyalty FAVOURS did occur resultant by dual income competing and conflicting loyalty's and by Public Funded RETAINER BRIBES get PAID  so then, We the People did each become VICTIMS of their cartel's crimes and We are still getting defrauded by Our Cabinet Members of past and of present Wrongdoings.     It is as simple as that!
Particularly when Retainer Bribes have been paid out of and in abuse of Commonwealth Public Funds for ulterior motives as listed above and herein below; JUSTICE is then DENIED to We the People!   So We the People become their Victims! 
The SYSTEM HAS TOTALLY FAILED when We the People or We their Victim's do witness first-hand that the SYSTEM HAS TOTALLY FAILED and is BROKEN when even Our HIGHEST LAW OFFICER as an Elected Officers of the Commonwealth of Australia fails his or her fiduciary duties to act and fails to even bother to respond to We their Victims and when Our HIGHEST LAW OFFICER even fails to perform once fully informed and officially noticed in writing and particularly when Our HIGHEST LAW OFFICER fails to act when NOTICED direct by and from an actual Honourable Senior Senator of the Commonwealth of Australia in 2014. 
What the 2013 to 2017 current purported Attorney-General is in 2017 still silently and corruptly aiding and abetting in concealing in addition to officers of the Commonwealth having perverted the course of justice since at least the 23 December 1996; BRANDIS QC as Attorney-General is also dishonestly is ommiting to have disclosed publically and to the Global Stock Markets that from 1993 Kenneth-Clyde Ivory  has not yet been market disclosed as being a fully outstanding but wilfully omitted Casualty of Telstra (CoT) Victim with a restitution of Property public debt owing to Ivory.

Thereby BRANDIS QC and all 2017 Coalition Government Cabinet-Members are still deceitfully, criminally and falsely did by corrupt fauds wilfully, illegally and have falsely overinflated the 1997, 1999 and 2006 grossly overinflated viability of Telstra by falsely and by dishonestly choosing to ensure to only disclose the more minor and financially much smaller outstanding CoT liabilities of only $27.7 Million owing to and between just the Five (5) National Party aligned CoT Five (5) as purportedly but incorrectly as the only remaining Five (5) outstanding Casualties of Telecom.
But then in 1999 to 2003 at least Eight (8) CoT Victims were each paid out including the CoT Five (5) in resitution of each of their Property's not just the CoT Five (5) as was thereby falsely and dishonestly disclosed by CABINET MEMBERS and by TELSTRA Board  collusive deceit as is deceptiuvely disclosed by for and within the Commonwealth of Australia's own published T1 Telstra Share Float Public Offer Disclosure Prospectus'. 
That was and is Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Frauds perpatrated by CABINET MEMBER'S DECEIT which wrongdoings resulted in the dishonourable and dishonest HOWARD COALITION CABINET MEMBERS ending up getting higher share sale prices by having falsely overinflated to viability to achieve in 1997 $3.30 for the T1 Telstra Share Float Per Share to keep getting overinflated share prices. 
So then the Howard Coalition Government were determined in 1999 to at any expense and at any risk too perpetrate what ever White Collar Crimes were necessary to obtain a Premium Higher Price for  the Commonwealth of Australia’s T2 Telstra Share Float per share. So the HOWARD CABINET MEMBERS engaged wilfully in Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Price Fixing by omitting to disclose the CoT liability which was and is owing to Ivory Liability Disclose OMISSION Frauds and which deceit achieved their objective with a Highly Over-inflated Premium Price of $7.40 for the Commonwealth of Australia’s T2 Telstra Share Float Per Share obtained by Fraud and Deception in 1999.
Then in 2006 in the Commonwealth of Australia’s corporate COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Inc purported T3 Telstra Share Float Share Dumping Frauds perpetrared by dishonourable CABINET MEMBERS of the HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENT who collectively, strategically and wilfully omitted, concealed and failed to disclose all contingent liabilities as part of their Strategic Price Fixing INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS  by knowingly omitting to disclose the 8 February 2005 Bill of Exchange and the Bill’s 9 March 2006 Casualty of Telstra Debt Encumbrance's  Jurisdictionally Recorded and Placed over the T3 Shares in full favour of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Thereby the HOWARD COALITION CABINET MEMBERS fraudulently and criminally obtained $3-60 Per T3 Share by wilfully over-inflating the viability of Telstra by omitting to disclose the CoT debt owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and all was achieved without ever duly Signing Off any SELLERS AUTHORISATION PAGE in the T3 purported offer prospectus, rendering the T3 Float INVALID and UNLAWFUL.
That is when We the People know the SYSTEM HAS TOTALLY FAILED - Please Also Note more facts herein EXPOSED to publicly raise why are those LAWYERS and the CABINET MEMBER Predators have NOT yet being held to account by our CURRENT Coalition Government's CABINET MEMBERS and why are they aiding and abetting the 1996 to 2006 herein EXPOSED dishonourable CABINET MEMBERS? 
Australian Government      
Department of Finance and Administration    
Finance Circular
No. 2004/03
To all Agencies under the Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997
Promissory Notes, Bills of Exchange, Commercial Bills and Other Securities of a Similar Nature
To advise Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997 (FMA Act) agencies of government policy in relation to promissory notes, bills of exchange, commercial bills and other securities of a similar nature.
Key points   
1.    Promissory notes, bills of exchange, commercial bills

       and other securities of a similar nature affect the   
       indebtedness of the Australian Government.
2.    Under the Administrative Arrangements Order, the

       Department of the Treasury has responsibility for
       borrowing money on the public credit of the
       Commonwealth and has in place standard debt issuance



The Australian Published on April 30, 2010 the following about Ex-MSJ Lawyer & Ex-Treasurer the not so Honourable Peter Howard Costello who is in 2017 still the Chairman of the Commonwealth's own FUTURE FUND; which FUND Treasurer Costello set-up in late April 2006 to be able to syphen-off  Telstra thee (3) share sale proceeds of crime funds to be stashed into the FUTURE FUND all of the Commonwealth's T3 Float 'encumbered' but not disclosed 'encumberances' which proceeds as converted without full or proper disclosures are thereby wilfully procured proceeds of crimes obtained frauduently by default & by sleight-of-hand by Cabinet-Members of past and present unlawfully engaging in dishonest Fraud & Deceit:

Quote: 'Costello in foreign territory'

HE championed for tax reform for almost 12 years as treasurer and now Peter Costello has found himself in a tax haven. Almost four years ago, Costello championed the tax office's crackdown on offshore tax havens, saying it would protect "the integrity of the tax base".

But ASIC data shows Costello's new employer BKK Partners' sole shareholder, Amboseli Investments, is registered in the sunny tax haven of the British Virgin Islands.

Costello joined the boutique investment bank set up by former Goldman Sachs operatives Alastair Walton and Andrew Stuart late last year and is reported to have equity in the business.                                           End of Quote.
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is a CoT Victim Surviver of the presures of being defraud and of the last 22 Years of Cabinet Members Frauds and Deciet, and Ivory has by chance lived long enough to in good faith EXPOSE Cabinet-Members dishonourable INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS and Share Float Price Fixing Frauds and much, much more is EXPOSED herein, so please take the necessary time to comprehend these alarming facts about our trusted Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth and the level of their Systemic Criminality:
On the 09 October 2014 Senator John Faulkner honourably wrote and posted in the mail direct to our Cabinet-Deceitful-Tactics own: Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and Senator Faulkner stated in writing to Ivory; as follows:
  * Thank you for your email of 24 September 2014 and your
     attached submission seeking a Senate Inquiry into the conduct of
  * On your behalf I have written to Senator the Hon. George Brandis
    QC, Attorney-General and Minister for Arts, enclosing a copy of
    your correspondence for his reference, and asking him to
    consider the issues you have raised and respond directly to you.
 * I have certainly noted your concerns regarding this matter. Thank
    you for bringing them to my attention.

    Yours sincerely
    John Faulkner.     (This was received on his Senate Letter Head.)
                                                                End of Quote.
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory has since written several times directly to the Attorney-General Senator George Brandis QC our HIGHEST LAW OFFICER enclosing a copy of Senator Faulkner's above quoted response, and enclosed other evidence of the facts and other information, but still our Highest Law Officer has his head berried in the sand to keep aiding & abetting Political, Corporate & Judicial Corruption. 
Perhaps Our HIGHEST LAW OFFICER breached his fiduciary duties by his still complete  silence and inactions to yet remedy the wrongdoings.
So perhaps George Brandis QC was and or is still part of the Queensland Inc Political & Judicial corruption being exposed in good faith by We at Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics and by Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Moreover the 1996 to 2006 herein exposed Howard Coalition Governments dishonourable and criminal offences as were perpetrated by it's Cabinet Members acting in concert with Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth our("Public-Paid Gate-Keepers") who each now need to be charged with 'Criminal Offences' ranging from having maliciously and falsely allowed and or in having had Public Funds falsely misused & abused to perpetrate no less than:
                        * Breaches of their fiduciary duties; and
                        * Market manipulation frauds; and
                        * Insider trading frauds; and
                        * Share sale price fixing frauds; and
                        * Embezzlement; as well as
                        * Predatory boycotting and third party
                          predatory industrial sabotage; and for        
                        * Perpetrating misuses of Public Funds and of
                          Public Resources and to have had officers
                          of the Commonwealth dishonestly perjure
                          themselves and to act predatorily in abuse
                          of legal process to facilitate instigating and
                          causing a false and a wrongful arrest and a
                          false and wrongful imprisonment as a Public
                          Liability 'Debt Avoidance Tactics' designed -
                         By and or approved by Cabinet Members to
                         tactically further defraud, injure, defame and
                         damage Kenneth-Clyde Ivory their human
                         victim & to also corporately ensure to ensure
                         misuses of  Judicial Corruption designed to
                         fully destroy the corporate reputation and
                         standing of KENNETH CLYDE IVORY; all was
                         falsely, bogusly and unlawfully perpetrated 
                         by corrupt misuses, lawyer rorting and by
                         false and dishonest abuses of Public Funds.
                         All was committed simply because Ivory is
                         through-no-fault-of-his-own still a fully
                         outstanding and is still a fully undisclosed
                         Commonwealth 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault
                         Victims of such unconscionable wrongdoings
                         and of Cabinet Members Public Liability -
                         Public Debt Avoidance Crimes & Criminality, 
                         perpetrated in Deprivation of Human & Civil
                         Liberties at Christmas Time on 23 December
                         1996; and
                       which are False Statement Crimes as sworn
                       by MEAD and the Complaint MEAD bogusly
                       Swore was an Application for a FALSE INVALID
                       APREHENSION WARRANT to be issued by W. J.
                       Smith a MSJ partnership very friendly Brisbane
                       Magistrate who as a Magistrate Failed in his
                       Fidiciary Duties by accepting a Materially False
                       Complaint used to pervert & defeat Justice.
                     MEAD had falsely, maliciously, deliberately,
                     knowingly and wrongfully committed on 23
                     December 1996 'Numerous Indictable Crimes' 
                     by MEAD as a trusted TELSTRA in-house legal
                     directorate officer of the Commonwealth chose
                     to Commit Perjury and Chose to Proceed
                     without MEAD having been given the Necessary
                     Authority; and
                    MEAD falsely, dishonestly, wilfully and
                    maliciously Chose to unlawfully misact as a very
                    dishonest dual income Officer of the Courts; and
                   so MEAD and his MSJ Partnership's also very
                   dishonest lawyer JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL
                   both Chose to proceed and misact as corrupt
                   common WHITE-COLLAR-LAWYER Fraudster by
                   Justin Anthony McDonnell assisting Stephen
                   John Mead for the financial proceeds of their
                   crimes financial benefits of all of the Mallesons
                   Stephen Jaques Partnership (MSJ) partners
                   including MEAD which law firm is now known
                   since 2012 as being King & Wood Mallesons
                  (in 2016 ("KWM") is now about the sixth (6th)
                  largest law firm in the World built thereby by a
                  MSJ Partner MEAD wilfully committing fraud and
                  perjury) to physically have Ivory harmed at gun
                  point based on the sworn lies made-up by MSJ
                  Partners); by
                  the MSJ Partnership intentionally and knowingly
                  had seleted one of their Partners STEPHEN JOHN
                  MEAD chosen by them at the MSJ Partnership for
                  MEAD to intentionally swear under oath for them
                  in abuse of legal process, as if MEAD was not a
                  MSJ Partner and falsely as if MEAD was only just 
                  a Telstra in-house officer of the Commonwealth.
So writen in prior legal advice the MSJ Partnership dishonestly engineered to have MEAD perjure himself in abuse of legal process while MEAD was sitting dishonestly and criminally before one of Her Majesty's Magistrate's, by MEAD falsely swearing on oath his MSJ Partnership pre-prepared Falsely Concocted and Materially False & Bogus MSJ purported COMPLAINT which had been pre-prepared and written by the very dishonest  MSJ Partnership, so as to strategically pervert and defeat the course of justice for the MSJ partnership to then be able to keep profiting from their proceeds of their Own Crimes, as perpetrated via MEAD.
The Materially False & Bogus Complaint as was thereby criminally pre-prepared strategically ready for MEAD to falsely swear under oath when signed by Mead but it was fabricated by MEAD'S own but then undisclosed dishonest MSJ partnership; and
MEAD for well knowingly proceeded to swear it for well knowing that he MEAD was unlawfully and was fraudulently swearing his name to false, untruthful and maliciously dishonest and bogus lies and MEAD & HIS MSJ PARTNERS would have known it was written for MEAD to swear it in total offence of Section 3ZT of the Crimes Act 1914 (Cth).
The MSJ Partnership & Mead as WHITE-COLLAR-CRIMINALS knew the False Complaint was strategically written to pervert and defeat the course of justice in abuse of legal process to tactically and to strategically inflict undue harm, loss, injury and damage physically on Ivory and to thereby also harm Ivory's family and to thereby at the end of the day strategically force IVORY into their Politically Stacked Court System to ultimately keep profiting from their MSJ Partnership Crimes to then totally assassinate the corporate standing and reputation of KENNETH CLYDE IVORY for ulterior predatory third party boycotting motives; and
The False Complaint was sworn by MEAD in contravention of the legal advice given to Mead in writing to TELSTRA & MEAD from MEAD'S own MSJ Law Firm Partnership, who prepared the Materially False & Bogus Complaint ready for Mead to swear, without disclosing MEAD'S competing and conflicting loyalties and without disclosing the competing and conflicting loyalties of the Mallesons Stephen Jaques ("MSJ") Partnership.      
All was fully funded by misuses and abuses of Commonwealth PUBLIC FUNDS as was authorized by and from our implicated 1996 CABINET MEMBERS; but which CRIMES are still being aided & abetted by and with the ongoing authority of the 2016 CABINET MEMBERS who are thereby unconscionably and are unlawfully acting as dishonourable and or as thereby dishonest officers of the Commonwealth given the seriousness of the various POLITICAL CORRUPTION as is being herein publically EXPOSED in good faith as their SYSTEM IS BROKEN!          
Failure on the part of the Commonwealth Attorney-General to yet hold a 'Full Blown Senate Inquiry' and or by Failure on His Part as the HIGHEST LAW OFFICER to yet Formerly & Politically Instruct the 'Federal Police to Investigate' to the full extent of the law is further evidence of how our current CABINET MEMBERS in an ELECTION YEAR are still knowingly aiding and abetting criminality exposed previously to each of them via our HIGHEST LAW OFFICER when on 09.10.14 these matters were referred to George Brandis QC by another Senior Senator of the Commonwealth of Australia for the Attorney-General as the HIGHEST LAW OFFICER to do his job, but in February 2016 Senator Brandis QC has not yet bothered to do his job and is in breach of his Ministerial Oath of Public Office as an officer of the Commonwealth and also as a sworn officer of the Courts. 
The Law in Australia is that the past and present CABINET MEMBERS of the Commonwealth of Australia’s Elected Government(s) of the Day did and do still irrevocably owe to We the People from 1997 to 2016 a Non-Delegable duty of care, but Our Cabinet Members in 1997 through to 2006 as Elected Officers of the Commonwealth chose to colluded with Un-Elected Officers of the Commonwealth who collectively did breach that duty of care and did breach their Constitutional Responsibility
Plus all subsequent various Government's of the day have and are unconstitutionally still aiding and abetting the Coalition Government's officers of the Commonwealth's 1997 to 2006 unlawful and fraudulent INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS committed in relation to the Commonwealth of Australia's COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Inc's purported T1, T2 and T3 TELSTRA Share Float Sales.
Which share float's required by law for all liabilities over $10,000,000.00 to be each fully disclosed and not omitted.
But our Coalition Government's CABINET MEMBERS chose to unlawfully omit disclosing Ivory's Commonwealth Casualties of Telstra 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liabilities in all three (3) Telstra Prospectuses by them politically and dishonourably concealing those outstanding CoT liabilities, which resultant omission failure to fully disclose is very serious criminal misconduct and is serious Share Sale Price Conversion Frauds otherwise known as Share Sale Price Fixing Frauds, which criminality and wrongdoings were perpetrated by the wilful blindness on the part of the HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENT'S CABINET MEMBERS and which Crimes of Fraud and Deception were perpetrated from and by it's Elected Cabinet Members Downward in relation to
  * What was the tension and why did tension between the
     government and Telstra come to a head in early October
     2006, when representatives from all sides met at the
     Sydney Headquarters of Investment Bank Goldman Sachs
     JBWere, to finalise the T3 prospectus?
 * Why had and why did the full Telstra Board and the
     Finance Minister Senator Minchin each refuse too and
     each wilfully failed in their duty of care to duly sign off in
     having any duly signed off approval included in the
     Commonwealth's T3 Prospectus when the 1997 - T1 & the
     1999 - T2 Prospectus Disclosures both were and are duly
     signed off and were and are both been duly authorized?
  * The T3 offer was to be officially launched the next
     morning, but everybody had to agree on the prospectus
     wording does need diary notes released on why ommissions
     were corruptly and were wilfully not disclosed in the T3
     Disclosures about the liability owing to Ivory and about the Lien
     and Bill of Exchange Encumberencs jurisdictionally placed and
     officially recorded over T3 Shares which encumberences were
     not and still are not yet disclosed to the Markets in the wording
     of the T3 still fully unsigned off purported T3 Float Prospectus?
  * Telstra also insisted on speaking freely in the "risks"
     section on just two issues: the effect of ACCC regulations
     on the company, and the government's intention to use
     its majority shareholding to vote Geoff Cousins, a
     confidant of prime minister John Howard, onto the Telstra
     board just before the disposal of its stake, why was that?
  * Senator Minchin, admited that the night before the T3
    launch was "one of the most stressful and difficult times
    I've had in politics".
     MEMBERS engage in White-Collar crime, frauds and disclosure
     ommission frauds and other serious faudulent crimes which
     criminality was perpetrated by approval of CABINET MEMBERS?
   * Did CABINET MEMBERS therefore do so to strategically deceive and
     mislead T3 investors and or too defraud the markets globally in their
     Commonwealth of Australia and or in their sleight-of-hand deceptive 
     Share Sale Float's T1, T2 & T3 Public Offer Disclosure Prospectus
     by misusing Materially False CoT Liability Disclosure Omissions? 
   * Were those 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Commonwealth Casualties of
      Telecom - Telstra CoT Victim Liability Disclosure Omissions' Omitted
      too strategically conceal them to NOT DISCLOSE to unconscionably
      ensure to prevent any investors or any institutional investors from
      being fully informed to NOT be capable of having been informed
      enough to make any Full, Proper & or to make any Complete and
      factual investment decisions?
   * By our CABINET-MEMBERS not having disclosed the 1800 Prefix
      Systemic Fault Liabilities owing to Ivory in resitution of his Property
      in 93 Peace Treaty Counties, and by having omitted to disclose Ivory
      an ADDITIONAL outstanding Commonwealth Casualties of Telecom
      - Telstra CoT Victim 'liability Disclosures' have CABINET MEMBERS
      and have their selected and authorised LEGAL ADVISORY FIRMS
      acted unlawfully or criminally and also in offence of their duties of
      care owing to We the People as our trusted Elected Officers of the
      Commonwealth, and most of them as also Officers of the Courts?
  * Why is it that in 2016 their past and ongoing Political duties of care
     was in 1997, 1999 and in 2006 and still is an ongoing ASIC
     disclosure requirement owing by the Commonwealth of Australia's
     COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Inc to make ongoing liability
     disclosures when and as they come available to them which duty of
     care is still owing to We the People of the Commonwealth of
     Australia even in 2016 by ongoing disclosure requirements by our
     current CABINET MEMBERS so why are our TURNBULL COALITION
     GOVERNMENT Cabinet Members still deceitfully and unconsionably
     thereby wilfully aiding and abetting past CABINET MEMBERS Insider
     Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds = Price Fixing Frauds? 
  *  Why has CABINET MEMBERS of past and of present chosen to FAIL
      in their ONGOING DISCLOSURE OBLIGATIONS by NOT yet making
      any full, proper and or complete and truthful Commonwealth
      Casualties of Telecom - Telstra ("CoT") Victim 1800 Prefix Systemic
      Fault Liability Disclosures which are till fully owing to the omitted
      Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and were dishonestly not ever disclosed in the
      CABINET MEMBERS published T1, T2 or T3 Telstra prospectuses?
  * Why did our 1997, 1999 and 2006 Cabinet Member's collude and
     engage in 'White Collar Criminality' with their selected T1, T2 and T3
     Telstra share float's Commonwealth funded competing & conflicting
     'Legal Advisory Law Firm Partnerships' retained by Public Funds
     to DISHONESTLY OMIT & to NOT make any FULL & PROPER
     DISCLOSURES being ever published within the Commonwealth of
     Australia and or within the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA
     purported T1, T2 and T3 Telstra Share Float Public Offer Disclosure
     Prospectuses as published for and or by trusted CABINET MEMBERS.
  *  Why did CABINET MEMBERS choose to unconsionably not make any
      disclosures at all about any of the fully outstanding Commonwealth
      Casualties of Telecom/Telstra (CoT) Victims and or CoT related
      outstanding liabilities owing to all 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault CoT
      Victims in resitution of their Property, as has falsely occured by our
      CABINET MEMBERS wilfully omitting and NOT disclosing any of the
      1800 Prefix CoT and or CoT related Victims Outstanding Liabilities
      owing in restitution of Property, which is still fully owing and is still
      accruing liability of the Commonwealth of Australia and of its agency
   Parliamentary Code of Conduct
Publication author(s): Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet - Release date: 20th November 2015 - Publication abstract:
   * Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries are entrusted with the
     conduct of public business and must act in a manner that is
     consistent with the highest standards of integrity and propriety.  
  * They are required to act in accordance with the law, their oath of
    office and their obligations to the Parliament. 
  * In addition to those requirements, it is vital that Ministers and
    Parliamentary Secretaries conduct themselves in a manner that
    will ensure public confidence in them and in the government.
 * This document sets out the expected standards for that conduct.
5. Responsibility 5.1. Ministers are expected to be honest in the conduct of public office and take all reasonable steps to ensure that they do not mislead the public or the Parliament. It is a Minister's personal responsibility to ensure that any error or misconception in relation to such a matter is corrected or clarified, as soon as practicable and in a manner appropriate to the issues and interests involved.
5.2. Ministers must not encourage or induce other public officials, including public servants, by their decisions, directions or conduct in office to breach the law, or to fail to comply with the relevant code of ethical conduct applicable to them in their official capacity. Ministers are also expected to ensure that reasonable measures are put in place in the areas of their responsibility to discourage or prevent corrupt conduct by officials.
6. The Public Interest - 6.1. Ministers are expected to conduct all official business on the basis that they may be expected to demonstrate publicly that their actions and decisions in conducting public business were taken with the sole objective of advancing the public interest.
7. Implementation - 7.1. Ministers must accept that it is for the Prime Minister to decide whether and when a Minister should stand aside if that Minister becomes the subject of an official investigation of alleged illegal or improper conduct.
7.2. Ministers will be required to stand aside if charged with any criminal offence1, or if the Prime Minister regards their conduct as constituting a prima facie breach of these Standards. Ministers will be required to resign if convicted of a criminal offence, and may be required to resign if the Prime Minister is satisfied that they have breached or failed to comply with these Standards in a substantive and material manner.
7.3. Where an allegation involving improper conduct of a significant kind, including a breach of these Standards, is made against a Minister (including the Prime Minister) the Prime Minister may refer the matter to an appropriate independent authority for investigation and/or advice.
7.4. The Prime Minister may seek advice from the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on any of the matters within these Standards, at any time. In providing such advice the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet may, as required, seek professional advice.
7.5. Advice received by the Prime Minister from the Secretary of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet may be made public by the Prime Minister, subject to proper considerations of privacy.
Thereby it is now the Commonwealth of Australia which is now fully liable to satisfy the CoT Liability owing to Ivory in restitution of Ivory's Property. 
Criminal Code Act 1995 Amendment (Theft, Fraud, Bribery and Related Offences) Act 2000 No 137, 2000. Does State:
131.7  Property obtained because of fundamental mistake
             (1)  For the purposes of this Division, if:
                     (a)  a person gets property by another’s
                           fundamental mistake; and (the Future Fund
                           unlawfully has Ivory's Property/money.)
                    (b)  the person is under a legal obligation to
                          make restoration (in whole or in part) of the
                          property or its proceeds; then, to the extent
                          of that obligation, the property or proceeds
                          belongs (as against the person) to the
                          person entitled to restoration. (the Finance Minister of the Commonwealth has a Duty to have immediately removed from the CoA's Future Fund' its illgotten gains or its mistakenly procured T3 Shares converted proceeds which is in part the resitution of Property Public Funds owing to Ivory and to have that Property owing immediately paid direct to Ivory via RBA Cheques in compliance with the 18 February 2014
Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands' as itemised and updated within the Current '2016 Statement of Account'
served already direct and on Prime Minister Turnbull MP as the T3 Shares were put into the 'Future Fund' by Fraudulent Conversion) which is where a person dishonestly appropriates or converts to his or her own use (officer of the Comonwealth SUPERANNUATION USE IS A MISUSE) of the Property owing to Ivory which T3 Encumberances had been entusted to the the Finance Minister in 2006 and the bill of exchange Encumberance had been in 2005 entusted with the Hon. Minister for Commnications, and those persons Commited Fraudulent Conversion of those Encumbered T3 Shares. Which is akin to 'theft'; 'embezzlement'; larceny'; & theft by their collusive Fraudulent conveyances of the T3 Share Property made with intent to defraud Ivory as a Creditor and such unlawful and undisclosed encumberances conveyances are voidable under the law as they were coverted in bad faith to defraud Ivory. 
             (2)  For the purposes of this Division, an intention
                    not to make restoration is:
                     (a)  an intention to permanently deprive the 
                            person so entitled of the property or
                            proceeds; and (The CoA and its revolving Government's via their revolving Cabinet Members deceit and fraud do not have any permission whatsoever from Ivory to be witholding and depriving Ivory out of the accruing public funds still fuly owing to Ivory by the CoA - Indeed the Turnbull Governments Cabinet Members as at 16.02.16 are treasonously and contemptuosly still acting in total contempt and in unconsitutional offence of Peace to the Queen - The Peace and Security, both for life and goods which the Queen Constitutionally Promises to all her Subjects, or others taken under her Protection and Ivory has been taken under Her Protection via Her Court of Faculties via Her Notary Publics appointed via the Lord Archbishop of Cantebury to hold their Public Office for and on behalf of Her Majesty the Quen Our Lawful Soverign of the Commonwealth of Australia from above the Parliament.)
                    (b)  an appropriation of the property or proceeds
                           without the consent of the person entitled
                           to restoration. (Ivory did not give his consent for the conversion and appropriation.)
             (3)  For the purposes of this section, a fundamental
                    mistake is:
                     (a)  a mistake about the identity of the person
                            getting the property; or
                     (b)  a mistake as to the essential nature of the
                            property; or
                     (c)  a mistake about the amount of any money if
                           the person getting the money is aware of
                           the mistake at the time of getting the
                           money. (Ministers Coonan, Minchin & Costello and Prime Minister Howard were each aware of their mistake - fraud at the time of omitting to disclose their T3 Float frauds to the Markets and to Investors so they STACKED & RIGGED by strategically positioning fraudsters to corruptly control the ASX, ASIC & ACCC to conceal their omission mistakes - which encumberences over the T3 Shares recorded in favour of  Ivory from the 7 February 2005 and from the 09 March 2006 were and are criminally omitted to politically commit and perform an act of defrauding Ivory as a politically undisclosed Major Creditor)
             (4)  In this section:
                   money includes anything that is equivalent to
                   money. For this purpose, cheques, negotiable
                   instruments and electronic funds transfers are
                   taken to be equivalent to money.
Moreover section 4 The Schedule (Subsection 4.1(2) of the Criminal Code) - States:
              engage in conduct means:
                                                         (a) do an act; or
                                                         (b) omit to perform an act.
8 The Scedule (Subsection 11.1 (7) of Criminal Code
             Section 11.5 (Conspiracy to commit an offence) or
             Section 135.4 (Conspiracy to defraud)
8B Section 11.2
            (6) Any special liability provisions that apply to an
                  offence apply also to the offence of aiding,
                  abetting, counselling or procuring the
                  commission of that offence. 
  *  But current CABINET MEMBERS in 2016 are dishonourably and are
     dishonestly still hiding & are still running for cover 'contrary to law'
     to keep-on aiding & abetting the 2006 Cabinet Members listed
     below who are responsible for their T3 Float INSIDER TRADING AND
     MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS and Share Price Fixing Frauds
     perpetrated with an INVALIDLY UNSIGNED-OFF T3 Prospectus:
The 2006 'Offending T3 2006 Cabinet Members' are below listed by name:
   a. John Howard, MP: Prime Minister
   b. Mark Vaile, MP: Deputy Prime Minister (from 6 July 2005). Minister
       for Transport and Regional Services (from 10 August 2006) (NPA)
   c. Peter Costello, MP: Treasurer
   d. Alexander Downer, MP: Minister for Foreign Affairs
   e. Dr Brendan Nelson, MP:
Minister for Defence (from 27 January
   f. Senator Nick Minchin: Minister for Finance and Administration, Vice
      President of the Executive Council. Leader of the Government in the
      Senate (from 27 January 2006).
   g. Tony Abbott, MP: Minister for Health and Ageing
   h. Philip Ruddock, MP: Attorney-General
    i. Malcolm Turnbull, MP: Minister for the Environment and Water
       Resources (from 23 January 2007)
   j.  Senator Helen Coonan: Minister for Communications, Information
       Technology and the Arts. Deputy Leader of the Government in the
       Senate (from 27 January 2006)
   k. Warren Truss, MP:  Minister for Trade (from 10 August 2006) (NPA)
    l. Senator Amanda Vanstone: Minister for Immigration and
       Multicultural Affairs (from 27 January 2006 to 23 January 2007)
    j. Kevin Andrews, MP: Minister for Employment and Workplace
       Relations, Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public
       Service (to 23 January 2007). Minister for Immigration and
       Citizenship (from 23 January 2007)
   k. Joe Hockey, MP: Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations,
       Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for the Public Service (from 23
       January 2007)
   l. Julie Bishop, MP: Minister for Education, Science and Training,
       Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women's Issues (from 27
       January 2006)
   m. Malcolm Brough, MP: Minister for Families and Community Services
       and Indigenous Affairs (from 27 January 2006)
   n. Ian Macfarlane, MP: Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources
   o. Peter McGauran, MP: Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
       (from 6 July 2005) (NPA)
   p. Senator Ian Campbell: Minister for Human Services (30 Jan 2007 to
       9 March 2007)
   q. Senator Chris Ellison: Minister for Human Services (from 9 March
Theft: A person is guilty of theft if he and or if she dishonestly appropriates Property belonging to another with intention of permenately depriving the other of it, it being immaterial whether the appropriation is made with a view to gain or is made for the theif's own benifit.

The 'Future Fund' is for the benifit of all Elected and of all Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth's own superantion funding. This definition of theft incorporates offences known as embezzlement, fraudulent conversion and larceny.
At all material times Telecom-Telstra & Austel-ACMA were herein fully owned departmental agency's of the Commonwealth of Australia stacked and rigged by CABINET MEMBERS  who had stretigically hand-picked all of Telecom-Telstra revolving Board of Directors and who as Politically Selected & Appointed Board Members of TELECOM-TELSTRA-AUSTEL-ACMA & thereby each were employed as officers of the Commonwealth of Australia & who were and still are each fully answerable for their time as stacked and rigged dishonest and dishonourable officers of the Commonwealth misacting as pupets to our past and still to our present ELECTED CABINET MEMBERS who collectively are criminally now legally liabile for all of their past frauds and criminally perpetrated CoT mishandling & unlawful wrongdoings to conceal and avoide this still accruing public debt which is now fully a overdue liability of the Commonwealth of Australia constitutionally on just terms.
But Elected Cabinet Members DISHONOURABLY colluded with the Board Members of Telecom-Telstra-Austel-ACMA to DEFRAUD Ivory and to Price Fix the Prices Obtained for T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Sales without any Political or Judicial Separations' of Powers:
Because Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth collectively each ensured to dishonestly and unlawfully engage in INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS to PRICE FIX the Commonwealth of Australia's own T1, T2 & T3 TELSTRA shares sale prices ontained by Politically engaging in wrongdoings to falsely OVER-INFLATE the T1, T2 & T3 Share Sale Prices as were OBTAINED by fraud & deception and obtained by the dishonour ability and unconscionable shiftiness by all CABINET MEMBERS who approved false prospectuses.
CABINET MEMBERS collusively & dishonourably concealed & omitted to ensure to dishonestly NOT disclose the still outstanding 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liabilities owing to Ivory & they also omitted and concealed all other 1800 Prefix CoT Victim Liabilities Owing to 1800 Prefix CoT Victims including Ivory by Politically choosing to unlawfully conceal & omitting to disclose to the MARKETS & or to the INVESTORS any 1800 Prefix Outstanding Liabilities Owing.
Hence CABINET MEMBERS collectively engaged in approving to omit to disclose the much more substantial liability owing to Ivory in resitution of Ivory's Property so as to dishonestly & falsely thereby wilfully OVER-IN-FLATE the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Inc's and or the Commonwealth of Australia's 'FUTURE FUND' SHARE SALE PRICES OBTAINED by DEFAULT and also OBTAINED by CABINET MEMBERS having mislead & deceived all Investors & the Markets in breach of their duties of care & also each wilfully breached their 'duties' owed to ensure to NOT mislead and to NOT deceive the GLOBAL MARKETS & the T1, T2 and T3 Commonwealth's TELSTRA Share Floats Investors.                                                                      UA-71256912-1
Those involved Cabinet Members and their Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth  collectively each have failed We the People by CABINET MEMBERS having chosen to NOT make ANY Full & Proper Outstanding Financial Liability Disclosures & by CABINET MEMBERS having engaged in dishonestly & discriminately ensuring to NOT disclosed all potential and or any still outstanding 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Casualties of Telecom/Telstra CoA (CoT) Victim liabilities.
Additionally on the 09 October 2006 it was Senator Nick Minchin who dishonestly and who dishonourably lied when he deceptively and or falsely stated on the ABC 7-30 Report T.V. Program with Kerry O'Brien when Finance Minister Minchin stating that all such disclosures were or are made in the Commonwealth's T3 prospectus and had to be all fully disclosed by law, so the HOWARD GOVERNMENT'S Finance Minister as a LIBERAL PARTY OF AUSTRALIA Cabinet Member he Dishonourably lied on National T.V. to mislead and deceive all Investors and the Markets. 
Furthermore Senator Minchin failed to disclose he somehow was being paid by tax payers to appear but failed to disclose it was not the Commonwealth of Australia who was selling the T3 shares but it was instead the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA who by sleight-of-hand by our Elected Cabinet Members who misapropriated and dishonourably sold the T3 Telstra Shares without disclosing the Bill of Exchange & Lien Encumbered Placed and Officially Recorded Over the T3 Shares from the 7 February 2005 and from the 09 March 2006.
CABINET MEMBERS as purported trusted officers of the Commonwealth chose to NOT make any Full & Proper CoT Victim Liability Disclosures by having made false, misleading and or deceptively fraudulent misrepresentations as was and is incorrectly asserted within the T1 disclosures made purportedly about all outstanding remaining CoT and CoT related matters by CABINET MEMBERS having falsely asserted that only $27.7 Million Dollars was owing, to just Five (5) REMAINING CoT Victim's hence Minister Minchin dishonoestly lied Television so as to falsely MISLEAD & DECEIVE THE MARKETS & INVESTORS GLOBALLY.  Minchin forwell knew he should have disclosed this accruing fully outstanding CoT liability.
Thereby the Commonwealth of Australia & its past & present CABINET MEMBERS are each still fully liable "for their past and present" dishonest officers of the Commonwealth & for the  dishonesty or negligence of others who were & or who are currently engaged in having & in still dishonestly concealing how & why the Commonwealth T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float MARKET MANIPULATIONS & INSIDER TRADING FRAUDS were dishonestly perpetrated & why they were ASX, ASIC, ACCC & ACMA strategically covered-up to ensure to perform politically, having dishonestly committed the herein outlined SERIOUSLY CORRUPT MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS and which crimes are still being aided and abetted by current CABINET MEMBERS who have and are still dishonestly covering-up for the past & present CABINET MEMBERS other deceitful tactics perpetrated in breach of that duty of care by or for CABINET MEMBERS who engaged in their own superannuation self-serving-interests and chose to engage in such deceit & frauds as was perpetrated with or via positioned third parties.
No matter whether the perpetrating officers were a person, a man,or a woman, or any agency, an officer and or a corporation, the fact is that they each have wilfully acted & or were & or are currently a 'servant(s)' & or were & or are criminally acting as an officer(s) of the Commonwealth & or as an employee(s) & or were or are Elected or Non-Elected office holder(s) of the Commonwealth & or even if "that entity" was or were retained, hired, seconded, misused, employed, subcontracted, contracted & or engaged, or positioned by any means what-so-ever the fact remains that they were each meant to ensure to provide the necessary "care" required to make only Full & Proper Liability Disclosures but eitherway that "entity" is a "servant" and or is an "independent contractor" is irrelevant by & according to the High Court of Australia in it's 2003 landmark decision called NSW v Lepore.
Thereby clearly the Commonwealth of Australia Tax Payer Funds was & still is 100% fully liable as are it's past and present Elected & Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth as is it's Coalition Government of the Day's officers of the Commonwealth who individually & severely are liable to be punished to the full extent of the law for their White-Collar-Frauds-Deceit & Dishonest Criminality perpetrated wilfully and strategically by each of them as is outlined & exposed herein in good faith by we at: Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics in good faith.
Moreover our Elected officers of the Commonwealth are still engaging silently, dishonestly & dishonourable in maladministration in abuse of the High Offices they hold & CABINET MEMBERS are DECEITFULLY still acting contemptuously & perhaps also treasonously by all CABINET MEMBERS colluding to keep-on ignoring & failing to yet honourably comply & obey with the 'Jurisdictionally Awarded' 18 February 2014 'Prerogative Commands' as set-out & COMMANDED therein to fully comply by ensuring the Commonwealth of Australia fully satisfy the 'Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands' as has been issued under seal in favour of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and as is previously legally served.                                                              UA-71256912-1
A Lack of Corporate Governance by the CABINET MEMBERS of the Commonwealth of Australia who hand selected and appointed the negligent and gross competing and conflicting loyalties People to Appointed as Officers of the Commonwealth Strategically Chosen to be positioned as being the TELSTRA Board Of Directors, the Board Committees, the External Auditor, plus by rigging their Internal Audit Management Reporting On Financial Liability Risk Failures by NOT Disclosing Major Liabilities via TELSTRA'S Pathetically BRIBING their Senior Executives by way of Paying THEM Dishonestly Excessive Remuneration, Without Diversity and by their false, misleading and deceptive inclusion in and omissions from DISCLOSURE in Telstra Shareholder Communications Documents and by the uses of BOGUS Charters misused to falsely mislead and deceive the International Market's & Regulatory Environments by having absolutely NO Accounting Separation of Powers, which criminality resulted in false, misleading and or deceptive and in publishing falsely inaccurate Media Centre Announcements covered-up by Directors & Ministers MAKING Strategically False, Misleading or Deceptive Speeches, Reports and Submissions and by publishing Materially False, Misleading and Deceptive Investor and ASX CoT Liability Announcements including Directors of TELSTRA misusing and abusing their Powers and Positions at TELSTRA Annual General Meetings to Falsely and Criminally Engage in INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS & TACTICS to Suppress Ivory's Shareholder's Rights by the Chairman Dishonestly Blocking and Preventing Ivory a Telstra Shareholder from his right's and entitlements to call a Valid Point of Order in 2006 Telstra AGM.
All TELSTRA BOARD members thereby wilfully and corruptly via the Chairman chose to Falsely, Mislead and Deceive the Majority of the Telstra Shareholders and Future Telstra Shareholders GLOBALLY by silencing Ivory from a right of response committed via the Chairman of the Board with tacit full board remaining silent in-order to Criminally Conceal Outstanding Casualty of Telstra Liabilities Owing to all 1800 Prefix CoT Victims including concealing the Liability owing to Ivory.
The Telstra Board were all still officers of the Commonwealth who had been handpicked by CABINET MEMBERS who prevented Ivory having any AGM Microphone right of response to the falsehoods being stated by the Chairman of the Board, so as to MARKET MANIPULATE and to Falsely Over-inflate T3 Share Sale Prices and by the TELSTRA BOARD having Borrowed Funds to be able to keep Paying-Out GROSSLY Over-Inflated Dividends to Conceal that the TELSTRA BOARD were Trading TELSTRA while Insolvent and to create OVER-IN-FLATED Share Prices during the T1, T2 & T3 Purported Floats and by also Creating a Telstra Shareholder Dividend Reinvestment Plan to reduce Borrowing for Dividend Payments, while Omitting to Disclose the More MAJOR Casualty of Telstra outstanding Liabilities in the TELSTRA Share Offer Prospectuses and by omitting disclosing them in their thereby BOGUS TELSTRA Annual Report Liability Disclosures to assist in concealing their Casualty of Telstra Bogus & False CoT Mishandling & Defrauding Crimes and Criminality perpetrated by TELSTRA officers of the Commonwealth as Debt Avoidance Tactics by the TELSTRA BOARD choosing to bribe employees by paying Employee Shareholder Scheme to thereby buy Employee Silence and Loyalty by way of giving away Telstra Shares to bribe Telstra Employees with Free Telstra Shares.
Mal′ice afore′thought intent has been wilfully perpetrated by officers of the Commonwealth of Australia to defraud and injure  Ivory aided and abetted by our NOT so Honourable Cabinet Members of past and of present are presently still concealing the extremely less than honourable and thereby the dishonest Howard Government's premeditated  and totally unlawful Insider-Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds:

Malice aforethought intent is a predetermination to commit an unlawful act without just cause or provocation.       Also called mal′ice prepense′.

The Causations in Summary:
First (1st) CoT Causation was that:
On the 1 September 1993 and still in present time in 2016, Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and his Solar-Mesh businesses' through-absolutely-no-fault-of-Ivory's-own.
So  thereby Kenneth-Clyde Ivory through-absolutely-no-fault-of-his-own did automatically & adversely became Commonwealth of Australia Casualty of Telstra ("CoT) Victim as is evidenced according to Telstra own internal records.
Ivory became a 1800 Prefix CoT Victim resultant directly by the Commonwealth of Australia's very own Agencies Austel & Telecom- Telstra's Absolutely Dishonesty and Negligence, which reckless & negligent misconduct and criminal CoT Mishandling Wrongdoing resulted in Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and his Business becoming a:
1800 Prefix phone subscriber, whose business' 1800 Prefix Range was missed, and or was Telstra officer(s) of the Commonwealth deliberately and dishonestly predatorily boycotted and or was predatorily sabotaged and boycotted for ulterior motives to defraud Ivory and his business. 
Thereby officers of the Commonwealth either-way it was a systemic fault or it was wrongfully and predatorily interfeared with physically because Ivory's businesses were relying on their nationally advertised and promoted new 1800 Prefix Service.
So as to conceal the above 1800 Prefix Liability owing to Ivory, Telstra's Legal Directorate Officers of the Commonwealth got involved with toxic MSJ Partners who then collusively chose to perpetrate Crimes in Total Deprivation of Ivory's Human & Civil Liberties by STEPHEN JOHN MEAD UNLAWFULLY COMMITTING FALSE & BOGUS PERJURY to cause Ivory to be Falsely, Bogusly, Unlawfully, Wrongfully & Maliciously Arrested right at Christmas Time in December 1996 as a Public Liability Payment Avoidance Tactics and so as to deflect attention away from all 1800 Prefix SYSTEMIC FAULT LIABILITIES in the lead-up to the T1 Part Privatisation Legislation being passed in the SENATE by Default and by Fraud & Deception in December 1996, and so as to cover-up and conceal from the SENATE & FROM CABINET MEMBERS that Ivory had already been from 1993 was and is by TELSTRA'S own Officers of the Commonwealth and also by MSJ's own Partners Labelled and branded as being a 1800 Prefix Systemic 'Conditioning' Fault Failure so called Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom ("CoT") Victim. 
Thereby Ivory is not a wantabee CoT Victim and  Ivory is not a self named CoT Victim. But Ivory is a Victim of having been labelled and branded by Officers of the Commonwealth as being a 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Casualty of Telecom/Telstra Victim of Cabinet Members of past and  of ongoing present Cabinet Members aiding and abetting Frauds, Deceit and Dishonourable Political and other Officer's of the Commonwealth's Dishonesty.
Resultant from Ivory's 1800 Prefix business' number having been supplied in a not fit for purpose state for a very prolonged period of time, Telstra officers of the Commonwealth interfered criminally and unconscionably by strategically sabotaging and boycotting all of Ivory's life, invention incomes and all of Ivory's Businesses by in breach of the Telecommunications Act and in Breach of the Trade Practices Act, Criminal Code Act and Crimes Act 1914 by STEPHEN JOHN MEAD dishonestly fully having withdrawn all Telecommunication services including all 000 Emergency Access for ever and a day all of Ivory's entire business's fully relied on entire telecommunication numbers in 1996 & in 2016 they all do still remain fully withdrawn.  How's that for Political Corruption? 
Which fully withdrawn entire telecommunications were all well advertised numbers which were internationally and nationally well known numbers, so they were withdrawn by TOTAL abuse of Market Monopoly Powers by officers of the Commonwealth which were all unlawfully withdrawn by premeditated intent and dishonesty of the MSJ Partnership via their strategic TELSTRA Legal Directorate Office IMPLANT and thereby were then all fully withdrawn by premeditated unreasonableness intent on the part of MEAD and on the part of MEAD's own competing and dishonest conflicting loyalties of his own very dishonest MSJ Partnership who were acting with gross and corruptly competing and conflicting loyalties to intentionally sabotage and boycott Ivory and his businesses and to INTENTIONALLY Put Ivory and his Inventions strategically right out of Business Nationally and Internationally in 93 Peace Treaty Patent Protected Countries.
That Misconduct = CABINET MEMBERS colluding with Public Funding retained criminals to strategically industraial boycott and to preditorily sabotage Ivory's life to put Ivory and his own succesful AUSTRALIAN INVENTIONS right out of business as a premeditated 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liability - Public Debt Avoidance Tactic. 
In 2016 we still must absolutely have NO Honourable Cabinet Members as NOT ONE (1) of them will get of their backsides, despite the fact all telecommunication services were maliciously and frauduently were all fully withdrawn by dishonest officers of the Commonwealth who had been colluding with Ivory's Multi-National Competitors in at least from 1996 forward if not from 1993 forward to inhumanely fully destroy Ivory's life and to get Ivory's inventions out of 93 Peace Treaty Countries Patent Protected Markets.
Either-way it is adversity and it is full culpability on the part of the Commonwealth of Australia  from and via its Cabinet Members Downwards:
The Commonwealth Casualty of Telecom-Telstra Victim's 'exchange network conditioning' failures are 1800 Prefix 'conditioning faults' that were & are defects that were resultant by neglect of duty of care by the Commonwealth's Cabinet Members and thereby they are now fully liabilities of the Commonwealth of Australia, and                    UA-71256912-1
Which 1800 Prefix CoT Victim liability is still fully owing to Ivory in restitution of Ivory's Inventions, National and International Property loss, injury and damage and the quantum as independently quantified and still accruing monthly is fully owing as an outstanding CoT Victim Liability  with and or without Ivory's succesfully protested bill of exchange and with or without the Bill's set of financial instruments awarded jurisdictionally under seal against the Commonwealth of Australia and awarded irrevocably in full favour of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory. 
Failure to comply with the Bill's Court of Jurisdiction 18 February 2014 awarded, sealed and perfected 'Irrevocable Prerogative Writ of Commands' forthwith; may be deemed treasonous contempt being committed by each of our current Cabinet Members in 2016 being in breach of their own consitutionally required oath's of Public Office Sworn, Given and Taken from each Cabinet-Member by and via the Governor-General in Alleigence to and for and on behalf of our Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second our Lawful Soveriegn and Head of State of the Commonwealth of Australia and to Her Heirs and Succesors!
  The 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Liability owing to
  Ivory is fully resultant by totally negligent officers
  of the Commonwealth of Australia having supplied
  in a not fit for purpose state for an unnecessarily
  prolonged period of time a 1800 Prefix 'DEAD-
  LINE' number which prevented  Ivory's businesses
  from receiving  any dialled incoming reliant 1800
  777 592 business from being able to be received.
   Which was supplied in a not fit for purpose state
   despite the Commonwealth's agency Telecom's
   advertised implementation date' but which failed
   implimentation date had been advertised for
   Ivory's 1800 Number to commence being in
   service from on the 1 September 1993 and
   foward wherefrom it was NOT ever 'Network
   Conditioned' in the exchange until 31 May 1994.
   The 1800 Prefix 'conditioning failure' or officers
   of the Commonwealth's internal 1800 Prefix
   industrial 'sabotage' & 'boycotting' resulted in
   the exchange 'network conditioning' not being
   'network conditioned' by a very much preventable
   situation, but was Commonwealth culpably fully
   arose because the 1800 Prefix was negligently,
   recklesly and or was dishonestly left fully
   exchange unchecked by trained officers of the
   Commonwealth for an adversely prolonged and   
   for an unjustifiably very prolonged period of time.
   Therefore full culpability and liability is owing by
   the Commonwealth to Ivory as arose because of
   that failure on the part of the Commonwealth
   and its agency's failures to find and remedy the
   1800 Prefix Range 'conditioning failures' for an
   unconscionably very unreasonably prolonged
   period of time on and from the 01.09.1993.
   And also is resultant by officers of the
   Commonwealth who remained silent & who
   instead of remedying they chose to engage in
   covering-up tactics by criminally engaging in
   deliberately and dishonestly falsifying,
   destroying and or concealing, & bogusly altering
   and also committed unlawful forgery to criminally
   create false, misleading and deceptive bogus fault
   complaint records and engaging in other
   dishonest and negligent wrongdoings and Ivory's
   business' 1800 Prefix Number's first Failures was
   finally found & remedied by a Telstra officer of
   the Commonwealth some Ten (10) Month's
   latter & in the exchange it then was by a
   technician immediately 'Network Conditioned' it
   on the 31.05.1994 within the Commonwealth's
   Salisbury Queensland Telephone Exchange. 
Second (2nd) Causation being that:
    Then after the 31.05.1994 'conditioning' had
    been finally 'network conditioned' inside the
    Salisbury Exchange, Ivory's 1800 Prefix Number
    was found to have additionally had a further  
    systemic fault & or another incompetent failure
    preventing all 1800 Prefix attempted incoming
    calls from being able to be received when
    answered by Ivory or by his Head Office people.  
    So incoming 1800 attempted calls did ring from
    the 31 May 1994 but they were unable to be
    answered because of 'Insufficient Capacity' in the
    Exchange Software which prevented any calls to
    be answered when attempted to be answered in
    Ivory's Business' Head Office at Coopers Plains.
    This second 1800 failure was directly due to the
    Commonwealth of Australia (CoA) own fully owned 
    Salisbury Exchange in Brisbane's Southern Industrial
    Suburb by totally having 'Insufficient Capacity' after the
    1800 number had on the 31.05.94 been actually and was
    finally 'Network Conditioned' but still the 1800 Prefix
    Exchange was still not yet fully fit for purpose because its
    'Billing Systems Software' had 'Insufficent Capacity' in the
    Exchange, due to sheer NEGLIGENCE and or by sheer IN-
    COMPETENCE and or by sheer CRIMINALITY perpetrated
    by Telstra's internal officers of the Comonwealth of
    Australia and via and by it's Austel departmental officers!
    Rendering Ivory and his businesses Victims of the
    Commonwealth of Australia and or known to some
    as 1800 Prefix Casualties of Telecom - Telstra and or as
    Commonwealth CoT Victims of Telecom - Telstra. 
 * Thereby Ivory is a ("Commonwealth CoT Victim").
         Predatory Boycotting Cover-Ups
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & his Solar-Mesh(R) Business' did automatically from mid May 1994 additionally further become by dishonourable officers of the Commonwealth of Australia's collusive and strategically premeditated and very corrupt CoT mishandling tactics designed to keep-on Defrauding & Defaming Ivory as one of their corrupt Public Liability Avoidance Tactics, thereby designed by the MSJ Partnership to defraud Ivory and to destroy IVORY.
Thereby further rendering Ivory to be additionally be automatically a further Casualty and a further Victim's of the Commonwealth of Australia via its agency Telstra all resultant by corruptly PUBLIC FUNDED dual competing and conflicting loyalty incomes of Telstra's in-house Legal Directorate officer(s) of the Commonwealth headed by DAVID KRANOSTEIN inflicted via STEPHEN JOHN MEAD from at least about the 15 May 1994 forward. 
Lawyers were thereby seconded from Mallesons Stephen Jaques ("MSJ") just days after the first 1800 Prefix Fault Complaints made on the 11 May 1994, before the actual 'Network Conditioning Fault' was first found and 'Conditioned in the Exchange' on the 31 May 1994 via Hatton & Ivory taking direct with the Salisbury Queensland Exchange based officer of the Commonwealth. 
So instead of finding and fixing the 1800 Prefix Fault Telstra officers of the Commonwealth raced-out from prior to the 31 May 1994 to second MEAD - It was known to officers of the Commonwealth that the 1800 Prefix needed-fixing-network-wide from before the 1800 777 592 Prefix Number Range was on the 1 September 1993 missed-out from being 'network conditioned' on that date. until 31 May 1994. 
So PUBLIC FUNDS were from the 15 May 1994 wilfully misused and abused by STEPHEN JOHN MEAD as a Telstra Legal Directorate Officer of the Commonwealth.
It was in Mid May 1994 when MEAD was immediately seconded from the TOXIC MALLESONS STEPHEN JAQUES ("MSJ") Law Firm Partnership, so as MEAD could in an ingrained officer of the Commonwealth trained to be TOXIC officers who commenced to plot their 'Premeditated Criminal Intent' to mishandle, abuse, lie to, & to defraud all 1800 Prefix Subscribers Systemic Fault Complainants & to in particular defraud and predatory boycott and to predatory sabotage and to predatory harm Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's life.  
STEPHEN JOHN MEAD therefore chose to act from the 15 May 1994 with corrupt intent and with premeditated criminal intent' by MEAD acting with grossly competing & grossly confliting dual income loyalties by MEAD & MEAD'S MSJ PARTNERSHIP acting criminally for MEAD'S predatory boycotting reasons due to MEAD & MSJ Partners other competing and conflicting loyalty predatorily ulterior third party boycotting motives. 
Third (3rd) Causation being the:
Thereby Kenneth-Clyde Ivory since 1993 and still is in 2016 is also additionally a Commonwealth of Australia Casualty and is thereby unconscionably still a Victim of past and present 'Revolving Cabinet Member's' having engaged in and or in CABINET having condoned premeditated tactically & corruptly perpetrated dishonourable CABINET MEMBERS deceit as was wilfully and unlawfully Public Funded and engaged-in unlawfully so as to ensure to keep dishonourably and contemptuously concealing past & present 'Cabinet Members' own T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float's share price fixing rorts by CABINET MEMBERS having wilfully, falsely, dishonestly and maliciously engaged in and perpetrated seriously corrupt 'Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds'
Fourth (4th) Causation being the:
Fact that Ivory is also a casualty and victim of ongoing revolving 'Cabinet-Members Deceit' who before & who thereafter the T3 Float, have ever since each systemically engaged in & still are in 2016 wilfully and dishonourable engaging in 'CABINET MEMBERS' ongoing dishonourable and unlawful concealment of the COALITION HOWARD GOVERNMENTS CABINET MEMBERS premeditated T1, T2 & T3 Telstra 'Global Share Market Frauds'!
                    Corruption on Corruption!
From 1999 PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC acted with competing and conflicting loyalties in the 2002 Malicious Prosecution APPEAL as it was KEANE QC who definately misled the Trial Judge in 2001.                                   UA-71256912-1
Hence the State of Queensland's Solicitor-General from 1992 to 2005 Patrick Anthony Keane QC took competing loyalty Commonwealth Public Funded Retainer Bribes to act as the QC for TELSTRA & MEAD in breach of KEANE QC's State of Queensland duties & obligations as the State Solicitor-General.
Because as the State of Queensland's Solicitor-General KEANE had a duty to have MEAD charged and indicted for MEAD having criminally committed indictable crimes & his malicious perjury on the 23 December 1996 to injure, defame & defraud Ivory.
So thereby in 1999 to 2005 KEANE QC took Commonwealth Public Funded Retainer Bribes to not prosecute MEAD & TELSTRA.
So KEANE QC took Retainer Bribes to act with a competing and conflicting loyalties dual income and thereby KEANE QC was retainer bribed by officers of the Commonwealth and by Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partners to dishonestly act in a self serving role and to also corruptly procure special  judicial favours and special judicial protection also for himself - KEANE QC as well as for MEAD, TELSTRA and for the MSJ Partnership; because
Also the State of Queensland Solicitor-General KEANE QC should have been pursuing KEANE QC himself because he KEANE QC had while acting for TELSTRA & MEAD did definitely mislead the trial judge in 2001.
Therefore in the 2002 purported State of Queensland Supreme Court of Appeal KEANE QC should not have accepted Public Funds to in fact protect his KEANE QC's own 2001 fraud of having definitely misled the trial judge; but
Corruption by the dual income State of Queensland Solicitor-General as Covered-Up by the State of Queensland's Attorney-General's of past and present, and concealed by the State of Queensland's Judiciary & also aided and abetted by the Governor & Chief Justice and by their past and recent Crown Solicitor who COLLECTIVELY MIS-ACTED as Wilfully Blind and Corrupt Officers of the State of Queensland:
KEANE QC as the State of Queensland Solicitor-General thereby failed his public office fiduciary duty by not having prosecuted himself KEANE; and
Therefore the State of Queensland and its then Attorney-General RODNEY JOHN WELFORD each aided and abetted in protecting and each corruptly failed to prosecute KEANE QC for KEANE QC having intentionally misled the trial judge to protect MEAD and for MEAD & the MSJ PARTNERSHIP having perverted and defeated the course of justice on 23 December 1996 (the trial judge in 2001 was the now late Douglas J) who did not die until 2002. 
His Honour the now late Douglas J in 2001 after having been mislead by KEANE QC did admit on public record after awarding indemnity costs against IVORY, and when questioned while still on public record by Ivory, Douglas J said and boasted that he was the always, and always was the retained QC to the THYNNE & MACARTNEY PARTNERSHIP prior to Douglas J being elevated to the Judiciary, by our politicians, but before the 2001 purported hearing he Douglas J has made false or misleading and deceptively incorrect public records by falsely claiming that he Douglas J knew DOUG SPENCE the Senior Partner of THYNNE & MACARTNEY no more than he knew any other lawyer in the State of Queensland and thereby DOUGLAS J's deceptively falsified public records which records did latter mislead and deceive McMURDO P, McPHERSON JA and CHESTERMAN J on the 07 November 2001, who judicially abused and misused their collusive judicial positions and combined powers to on public record breach the Privacy Act and who also defamed IVORY on public record by deceptively asserting: '
* His Honour had only acknowledge the acquaintanceship
  but pointed out that most of the Judges in this Court
  would also know Mr. Spence and for that matter the
  litigating partners of many firms of solicitors.'  
So thereby their Honours on 7/11/2001 mutually and collectively each had failed to disclose that Douglas J was the always retained QC to Doug Spence and to his (SPENCE'S) THYNNE & MACARTNEY PARTNERSHIP, so they each wilfully or recklessly protected Douglas J, MEAD, TELSTRA, the Thynne & Macartney Partnership and each of themselves Judicially and also they protected their Chief Justice, the State of Queensland Attorney-General and the States Governor who each collectively allowed Douglas J to unjustly hear the matter in 2001 and who each corruptly allowed KEANE QC to misrepresent TELSTRA & MEAD by KEANE QC having definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 instead of KEANE QC as the State of Queensland's Solicitor-General he KEANE QC should have ben prosecuting MEAD & TELSTRA who thereby got away with their corruptly dishonest competing and conflicting loyalties.
By McMURDO P, McPHERSON JA and CHESTERMAN J on the 07 November 2001 each defaming IVORY on public record by misusing and abusing their powers and their combined positions to create materially misleading, false and deceptively incorrect public records to further continue to defame IVORY does confirm their PREJUDICIAL DECISION and or that KEANE QC & DOUGLAS J had collectively misled them Judicially so to defraud and defame Ivory by them judicially having published their erred and bogus purported orders, which must be all Fully Expunged from all records by the State of Queensland current Attorney-General.
But the corruption left by KEANE QC while the State of Queensland's Solicitor-General from 1992 to 2005 has and is now infected like the plaque and has and is still spreading rampantly through-out State of Queensland's Legal Profession, Judiciary, Court's, Registrars of the Courts, Crown Law Office, the Premiers Office's of past and of present and has even infected other Dishonest Key Public Servants!
Moreover the State of Queensland defrauded Ivory out of his $16,000 security over costs which funds were under duress loaned and put up by Ivory for IVORY on 7.12.201.
Which $16,000 Plus all compounding interest accruing thereon the State of Queensland physically stole those accruing funds in 2013 by removing from the Court Registry and transferring it without the knowledge or consent of Ivory into consolidated revenue for the State of Queensland by and due to corruption running rampant in Queensland's Crown Solicitors & Attorney-General Office & Solicitor-General's shared offices which corruption and theft runs right through their Chief Justices & Court Registrars Officer's implicated who are even being in 2016 aided and abetted by the current Premier of Queensland who is now implicated with each of the herein exposed frauds, which are akin to crimes on their parts against Humanity. 
Premier Annastacia you do need to honourably get rid of your minders and or get off your backside and remedy forthwith!  As Legal Profession and Judicial Corruption in the State of Queensland does simply keep spreading, when there is no independent leadership to eradicate it, another reason for politicians not to be trained lawyers as that is a competing loyalty dual oath gross conflict of interests and is therefore totally unconstitutional.
KEANE QC as the State of Queensland Solicitor-General also failed to prosecute the State of Queensland's own three (3) Appeal Court judges McMURDO P, McPHERSON JA and CHESTERMAN J for having on the 07 November 2001 had selectively extracted in a premeditated intent by concealing the admissions made by Douglas J, thereby the three (3) premeditated corrupt justices on 7.11.01 covered-up and dishonestly they each chose to fail in their duty of care and chose to also NOT disclose Douglas J's latter admissions which proves that what they stated was false when stated by Douglas J so their selectively only stated what they wanted to state to PREJUDICIALLY thereby judicially defamed IVORY on public record to cover-up and conceal how KEANE QC had perverted and defeated the course of justice in the 2001.
By KEANE QC having definitely misled the Trial Judge Douglas J in the 2001 as was unanimously found by all three (3) purported Appeal Court Justices DAVIES J, JERRARD J and WILSON J in 2002 who each ommitted to disclose their conflicts of interests with KEANE QC and WILSON'S also with JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL when she was an articles clerk under KEANE & MCDONNELL.
But who then called an adjournment in 2002 to work-out with KEANE QC behind closed doors in their Chambers without Ivory being present during that adjournment to decide how to corruptly pervert and defeat the course of justice to unlawfully and contrary to law to each conspire with KEANE QC how to then cover-up and protect each other and to protect each of their employer's employed within the State of Queensland Government who was also KEANE QC’s employer as the Solicitor-General as well as the three (3) thereby corrupt judges, but they each collectively failed to disclose to Ivory that KEANE QC was also the State's own Solicitor-General at the very same time as KEANE QC was taking Retainer Bribes to corruptly protect TELSTRA & MEAD in exchange for those Public Funded Retainer Bribes and they each wilfully failed to disclose that as the Solicitor-General KEANE QC was taking competing and conflicting dual income Retainer Bribes funded by Commonwealth Public Funds to protect MEAD, TELSTRA and other officers of the Commonwealth implicated with MEAD, MSJ partners, Thynne & Macartney and KEANE QC; and                                                                                 UA-71256912-1
KEANE QC also failed as the State of Queensland Solicitor-General by NOT prosecuting TELSTRA & MEAD for MEAD’S perjury, and for MEAD and his MSJ's partners bogus falsehoods as were unlawfully committed via and by MEAD in a malicious and vexatious manner and as was committed wrongfully, bogusly and falsely in total abuse of legal process and by fraud, deceit and perjury as was committed by MEAD assisted by the MSJ Partnerships JUSTIN MCDONNELL to defraud and injure Ivory on the 23.12.96 by them collusively ensuring to act in abuse of legal process to dishonestly pervert and defeat the course of justice; and
As a strategically perpetrated CoT mishandling tactic as was wilfully engaged in by the faudulent wrongdoings committed by MEAD, MCDONNELL & their MSJ PARTNERS to ensure too have the State of Queensland Police Officer’s involved with MEAD & MCDONNELL to then misuse the invalid from day one of procurement and falsely issued INVALID Apprehension Warrant as was fraudulently misused by MCDONNELL & MEAD to induce the Qld Police to proceed to commit for them the false and wrongful arrest in Total Deprivation of Ivory's own Human and Civil Rights & Liberties; designed
By MEAD and his Key Perpetrators who acted as a Gang of White Collar Cartel Criminals who involved others as officers of the Commonwealth and who strategically set-out to defame, defraud, injure, embarrass, ridicule and to damage Ivory and IVORY and to inflict more undue loss, injury and damage on Ivory and on IVORY and to run Ivory around the block financially and ferociously to ensure to bring maximum unlawful and undue pressure to bear on Ivory; and to destroy IVORY.                                       UA-71256912-1
All was Legal Directorate Officers of the Commonwealth tactically designed in a premeditated criminal intent as part of their predatory industrial boycotting CoT mishandling crimes and Public Debt Payment Avoidance Criminality designed and maliciously planned so that MEAD and MEAD'S undisclosed competing and conflicting loyalty MSJ partnership could, would and did profit from the proceeds of their 23.12.96 perpetrated indictable crimes for the next two (2+) decades, as they dishonestly have done.
Which 23 December 1996 indictable crimes were committed by and via MEAD due to MEAD'S insider misuses and abuse perpetrated as an office of the Commonwealth and also as a Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partnership Partner by MEAD'S Dual Positions and Dual Competing and Conflicting Loyalty Income as MEAD also being an officer of the Commonwealth so MEAD perpetrated FRAUDS to financially benefit MEAD'S own but undisclosed competing and conflicting loyalty dual income MSJ Partnership and to assist MEAD'S own MSJ Partners to also each profit from the proceeds of MEAD'S Crimes perpetrated as a Telstra Officer of the Commonwealth as was authorized and allowed by therefore Very Dishonourable Cabinet Members.
And for MEAD himself to thereby make dual incomes by profiting from the proceeds of his crimes committed as an officer of the Commonwealth from within Telstra as a Telstra legal directorate officer of the Commonwealth who then kept profiting from their proceeds of their 23.12.96 indictable crimes for the last two (2+) decades from mid May 1994 to at least late 2010 at the expense of the Public Purse of the Commonwealth of Australia.  
         Insidious Corruption on Corruption:
Cabinet Member’s you are herein on the WORLD WIDE WEB each hereby NOTICED those herein exposed competing and conflicting loylaty FRAUD & INDICTABLE CRIMES by MEAD and by MEAD'S MSJ PARTNERS was and still is corruption on corruption and we note that MEAD was still a MSJ Partner in late 2008 from the 1 January 1996 while an officer of the Commonwealth. 
So in 1999 when MEAD was appointed by Mr. Malcolm Turnbull to Head in Victoria for Mr. Turnbull his REPUBLICAN MOVEMENT MEAD was still a MSJ Partner and the MSJ Partnership was thereby engaged in treasonous attempts to aid and abet Mr. Turnbull in his FAILED attempt to treasonously attempt to oust Her Majesty's Authority.
During the 2002 purported State of Queensland APPEAL the Three (3) State of Queensland Appeal COURT JUSTICES in relation to IVORY'S Malicious Prosecution APPEAL - DAVIES J, JERRARD J & WILSON J each unanimously had stated that the evidence in the Appeal Books as being shown to them by KEANE QC had proved beyond any doubt that KEANE QC had definitely misled the Trial Judge in 2001.  So they then Judicially had a huddle covering up their microphones to prevent their discussion being heard and from being recorded and they then immediately called an adjournment.
Upon returning after their Judicially calle APPEAL adjournment and therefore after DAVIES J, JERRARD J & WILSON J had each called KEANE QC into their Chambers and who each thereby colluded with each other without Ivory being present with them which was therefore collusion and corruption contrary to the law they each were meant to be administering and complying with but who chose to instead break the law themselves as officers of the Courts and as Appeal Court Judiciary as as the Solicitor-General is the ultimate White Collar Criminality and Deceit by our trusted officers.
Davies J, Jerrard J and Wilson J each HAD criminally colluded with KEANE QC to come-up with their FRAUDS DESIGNED to DESTROY IVORY and to DEFRAUD Ivory.                                               UA-71256912-1
They had colluded and conspire in chambers behind closed doors with each other without Ivory being present with them and which failures to have KEANE QC called into their Chambers without Ivory during the Appeal is indeed corrupt judicial misconduct and corrupt officers of the courts misconduct on each of their parts, designed to destroy IVORY and to DEFRAUD & INJURE Ivory;
So then came back in the Court Room and as they were re-opening THEY DID Judicially threatened Ivory via Davies J that they would each have Ivory put in the cells and locked-up for contempt if Ivory so much as mentioned even one word of what had happened in the Appeal Court Room prior to and before they had called their adjournment. 
They DAVIES J, JERRARD J & WILSON J as mates of KEANE QC during their adjournment had corruptly ensured that the transcripts were rewound to remove and conceal the case evidence and facts in law that Ivory had just successfully presented to them before the adjournment and to conceal their unanimous repeated findings that KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial judge, as Davies then also bullied and instructed the transcript tape recording officer that if the tape was already re-started the they were instructed to be rewound so that the tape was exactly back to where they had rewound it during their adjournment and that the tape recordings were not to be restarted until he Davies gives the order himself for the tape to be restarted;
which corrupt State of Queensland Judicial tape recording rewinding thereby resulted in falsifying transcripts and public records by unlawfully removing and or by unlawfully taping over the pre-adjournment recorded evidence that they had rewound back too; before returning from their judicial adjournment to also corruptly have erased that they had each repeatedly found that: KEANE QC had definitely misled the trial judge in 2001 as was repeatedly stated by all three (3) judges prior to their then immediately called adjournment.
But the then Prime Minister RUDD (whose daughter Jessica was in 2000 learning to be a Solicitor at) Thynne & Macartney under its Senior Partner Doug Spence who was appearing with KEANE QC in addition to Justin McDonnell of MSJ in Court but mostly it was McDonnell a MSJ Partner who was instructing KEANE QC not Spence of Thynne & Macartney but from late 1999 MSJ gave undertaking to the LAW SOCIETY in Queensland that MSJ partnership had ceased acting for TELSTRA & MEAD but all they did was milk additional Public Funds as a tag team of crooks as evidence by the MSJ Partnership having mislead the Law Society by just changing law firm names without resigning from representing their MSJ Partner STEPHEN JOHN MEAD and also at the same time a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth was the key initial predatory boycotting perpetrator.
So in 2010 Prime Minister RUDD promoted KEANE QC to become the CHIEF JUSTICE of the FEDERAL COURT of AUSTRALIA to block IVORY from getting justice as another Prime Ministerial Political Public Debt Avoidance CoT Mishandling Tactic Perpetrated via Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to defraud and delay paying 1800 Prefix CoT victim restitution of Property which is still fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory. 
So it would now be very interesting for We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to know if the 'Commonwealth's Auditors' and or if any other then 'CABINET MEMBERS' and or if any current 'CABINET MEMBERS' have yet even bothered to establish  or have ever actually seen the documents which Prime Minister RUDD signed off-on binding the Commonwealth of Australia resultant from meetings he ("RUDD") had while over-in Copenhagen in 2008 which trip by Mr. RUDD as the Prime Minister was mainly for the global warning conference; but the signed off documentation herein referred to were not related to the global warming meetings at all and were not related to global warning at all; but it was Ivory's ' Bill of Exchange and its Set of Financial Instruments' which resulted in RUDD signing 0FF on with or via Overseas Bankers  in relation to this Public Debt's Successfully Protested Bill of Exchange and due to it's 09 March 2006 Officially Recorded Lien over T3 Shares and the 23 September 2008 Department of Finance Duly Executed Promises to Pay the Public Debt Owing to Ivory and it would be very interesting for current CABINET MEMBERS to see how much Public Funds were then wasted by being paid out to Third Parties via the Commonwealth of Australia pursuant to PM RUDD having legally bound the Commonwealth as well as the Amounts that were later also paid-out via PM GILLARD during her Prime Ministership and at one stage Slater & Gordon were involved in negotiations for the Commonwealth of Australia from not long before RUDD was then sacked or toppled by Ms. GILLARD so Ms. Gillard's old law firm Partnership were involved via the Labor Commonwealth Government and or for RUDD and or for both Mr. RUDD and Ms. GILLARD and or for the Australian Labor Party; BUT Ivory was not party to any of those dealings at all and Ivory is unreasonably and is unconstitutionally still fully unpaid in restitution of any Property even in 2016. 
Hence to get out of that offshore deal from proceeding PM RUDD then elevated his Queensland mate KEANE QC to be the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia in early 2010 to block IVORY from being able to get independent justice from KEITH WILSON FM or by the FEDERAL COURT.
Then in 2011 Prime Minister GILLARD had KEANE QC as the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia and the Commonwealth Attorney-General Departmental officer Susan Prunster as their corporate Director Judicial Resourcing Team Courts, Tribunals and Justice Policy Branch and others to judicially stack and or to elevate Prime Minister GILLARD'S former Slater Gordon Partner to become a Federal Court Judge in Melbourne from being just a Solicitor; but who by then was a partner in another Law Firm; but was elevated without ever having even become a Queens Counsel before he was politically elevated to be a FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA Judge. 
It is insidiously a bit like corrupt and unlawful Political Branch Stacking Rorts how Solicitors are Politically Stacked to become purported JUDGES!      
We note in their chains of internal political emails in 2011 they confirmed between themselves in their own internal emails that a Solicitor of five (5) years is all that is needed to become a  FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA Judge.   That is a low bar indeed!                                                       UA-71256912-1
So that their Politically Stacked Judges will fail to realise that to be come a Notary Public in the Court of Faculties one has to be a Solicitor of at least Ten (10) Years and to also be of good repute to be able to be considered to become a Notary Public Judicial Officer of the Court of Faculties for Her Majesty
So Prime Minister GILLARD then further rewarded KEANE QC and elevated PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC to the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA Judiciary as a further political favour reward, clearly not on merit and clearly not on honesty and not on his integrity. 
So our dishonourable officers of the Commonwealth appointed by our past and present CABINET MEMBERS who as CABINET MEMBERS are these days more and more Lawyers/Solicitors by trade contrary to the Constitution who Politically elevate their Lawyer Mates such as Federal Magistrate KEITH WILSON who resigned as a Federal Magistrate in 2010 minutes after handing down his corrupt and false purported judgment to POLITICALLY DESTROY IVORY; and
WILSON FM resigned immediately after handing down his judicially corrupt and false purported decision that even a First (1st) Year Law Student would find is to be totally nonsensical and totally dishonestly and falsely flawed and a totally Judicially corrupt Political Favour as it is dishonesty false despite WILSON FM immediately resigned knowing it was a corrupt and flawed decision so he resigned immediately was WILSON FM sick of being politically told what he had to do in his Court Room. 
Then surprise, surprise KEITH WILSON QC was latter after resigning as a FEDERAL MAGISTRATE was then seen taking instructions in the INSULATION ROYAL COMMISSION INQUIRY direct from his 2009-2010 corrupt mate JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL of the same MSJ partnership in 2012.
Bribery and Corruption on Corruption is alive and well at the MSJ Partnership and at the Department of Finance in Canberra which Department was still retaining MSJ now known as KING & WOOD MALLESONS in late 2015 as rewards for their last 21 Years of defrauding Ivory and of destroying IVORY as Public Funded CoT Victim Public Debt Avoidance Tactics which deceit is still being authorised by our current TURNBULL TRUSTED CABINET MEMBERS. 
MOREOVER Federal Court Judge JOHN DOWSETT and HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA Judge PATRICK ANTHONY KEANE QC each have not yet been sacked, investigate and or charged or indicted by GEORGE BRANDIS QC as purportedly the Commonwealth of Australia's Attorney-General, nor has the Attorney-General yet charged and indicted KEITH WILSON QC nor has the HIGHEST LAW OFFICER of the Commonwealth yet EXPUNGED KEITH WILSON FM'S Corrupt 2010 decision.
But Senator George Brandis QC publically has been promoting KING & WOOD MALLESONS, and took the tax payers time to do so, so do we now need a new Attorney-General; But
Seeing Prime Minister Turnbull is 1999 REPUBLICAN mate of STEPHEN JOHN MEAD, so we at Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics do trust that for now GEORGE BRANDIS QC will not be sacked by PRIME MINISTER TURNBULL from being the HIGHEST LAW OFFICER unless Senator George Brandis QC's Brisbane constituent's do We the People a Favour and kick Senator Brandis QC out of Public Office in the 2016 federal election as he is aiding and abetting corrupt Queensland Inc his fellow officers of the Courts by failing to yet EXPUNGE Keith Wilson QC's former Federal Magistrate last decision made before resigning as a Federal Magistrate in February 2010 to Politically destroy IVORY.
They are being aided and abetted and protected corruptly by their Departmental officers of the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA which is a U.S.A. WASHINGTON DC FOREIGN REGISTERED COMPANY BUT whose Canberra Australia employed stooge and spin merchants such as   Susan Prunster who each are wanting to ignore and treasonously act in offence of the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth) and in contempt of its designated Notary Public's who have to be a lawyer of Ten (10) Years not just Five (5) Years to be able to become a Notary Public.
Despite the fact that to become a Notary Public they have to be a Lawyer of Ten (10) Years to then become Qualified as a Notary Public if Appointed to become a Notary Public to then Adjudicate, Note, Protest Bills of Exchange and Promissory Notes, Judgments, and to Issue Notices of Dishonour etc, etc, something that all other Courts such as State, Territory & Federal Corporatized Purported Courts do not have the necessary jurisdiction or standing to Note or Protest any Bills of Exchange or Promissory Notes etc, etc as they are just corporatized Politically Stacked Lawyers of Five (5) years who get politically elevated so as to in-exchange mislead the people into the false belief they are Competent purported Court Judges of purportedly a Competent jurisdiction, when their State, Territory & Federal purported Courts are not constitutionally compliant these days as they can NOT even see We the People when before them. 
Indeed in 2010 in the corporatized FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA on public record JUSTICE JOHN DOWSETT did and has admitted while still on public record that: "he (Dowsett J) could not see me as I was not there" while he Dowsett J was sitting there looking straight at me Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and JOHN DOWSETT J was taking direct to me Ivory. 
That was after DOWSETT J had corruptly stuck-out IVORY's Application for IVORY not being purportedly in attendance, so Dowsett J in his corporatized and unconstitutionally structured and falsely purported Federal Court of Australia struck-out IVORY'S Application to destroy IVORY.  
How do dishonourable people like KEITH WILSON FM & DOWSETT J keep living with themselves, when they know they are defrauding lives and livelihoods of families all for corrupt Political Favours, without the Commonwealth of Australia having been an Applicant, Defendant or a Witness?
Thereby to become a Federal Court Judge you only have to be a Solicitor for Five (5) Years, and to have been caught out so as to have a political hold over them, says it all!  NO WOUNDER they want a Republic to throw out the Constitution they each already breach in their treasonous contempt for Her Majesty's authority invested in Her Notary Publics.                                                                          UA-71256912-1
It is amazing how the LAW SOCIETIES these days are threatening to not renew Notary Public's 'Law Society Practicing Certificates' if they Notarial keep using their very powerful 'Notarial Powers' in compliance with the Bills of Exchange Act 1909 (Cth). Thereby the State and Territory LAW SOCIETIES are acting like the drug cartel mafia gangs to unlawfully stand-over and blackmail Notary Publics to stop doing their jobs as Notary Public by Law Society THUGGS breaching the Law Societies Acts & their purported Laws which they as lawyers have politically had made-up for lawyers to have a monoply to profit from and who see Notary Publics as competition because the Court of Faculties is the only valid court left for living men and women.
Which 1997 to 2006 'Global Share Market Frauds' are being still covered-up in 2016 by our CURRENT TURNBULL GOVERNMENT CABINET MEMBERS because they were fraudulently perpetrated by the Howard-Coalition-Government CABINET MEMBERS during the Commonwealth's own T1, T2, & T3 Telstra purported, but thereby dishonest and unlawful Commonwealth of Australia politically and dishonestly perpetrated 'CABINET MEMBERS' unlawful SHARE MARKET SHARE SALE PRICE FIXING RORTS & MARKET MANIPULATIONS & INSIDER TRADING FRAUDS.
Which CABINET MARKET MANIPULATION & INSIDER TRADING FRAUDS in 2016 are being still dishonourably covered-up by current Elected 'CABINET MEMBERS' to wilfully keep-on concealing their prior Liberal Coalition HOWARD Government's T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Floats unlawful MARKET MANIPULATION & INSIDER TRADING Frauds.
        In Deprivation of Human & Civil Liberties!
Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is also a Victim of other Public Funded False, Bogus and Malicious Frauds perpetrated Strategically in Total Deprivation of Ivory's Human and Civil Liberties such as was wrongfully, maliciously & falsely perpetrated in a bogus abuse of legal process on the 23 December 1996 by a competing and conflicting loyalty dual income Telstra Legal Directorate officer of the Commonwealth - STEPHEN JOHN MEAD who is a totally dishonest lawyer and was a strategically positioned officer of the Commonwealth and is  thereby a very corrupt Fraudster and was the instigating Key Predator and Key Perpetrator to fund his MSJ partnership from insider trading within Telecom-Telstra positioned by David Hoare and Stanley Howard both are now former Chairman of MSJ and HOARE was the Chairman of both Telstra and the MSJ partnership then the Head of the ASX.
On 23 December 1996 MEAD as a corrupt and dishonest officer of the Commonwealth while secretly a MSJ partner did in abuse of legal proces falsely and strategically perpetrate his still indictable crimes right at and during 'Christmas Time' by MEAD'S premeditated Bogus & False Frauds. 

Which materially false statements sworn by MEAD on 23.12.199 are still very much 'indictable crimes' even in 2016; but we need to have an Honourable Commonwealth Attorney-General or an Honourable State of Queensland Attorney-General and or an Honourable Governor of Queensland or an honest Chief Justice or an honest Solicitor-General and or an honest and honourable Governor-General or an Honest and Honourable Prime Minister who do not have double standards as MEAD'S CRIMES were and still are contrary to law from when falsely perpetrated with predatory and malicious criminal intent and were dishonestly committed via and by STEPHEN JOHN MEAD acting unlawfully as an officer of the Commonwealth, and MEAD was aided and abetted by JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL from  and by MEAD'S in hindsight dual income competing and conflicting loyalty undisclosed Mallesons Stephen Jaques law firm partnership, retained by Telstra in abuse of Commonwealth public funds misused  to wilfully pervert and defeat the course of justice to defame, harm and injure Ivory, his family and their Solar-Mesh(R) businesses.
All was tactically designed with premeditated criminal intent to create a pipe-line of Public Funded of illegally gained ongoing income to keep funding MEAD'S MSJ Partnership proceeds from MEAD'S Crimes. 

To from within Telstra to keep funding MEAD'S required partnership annual profits to maintain MEAD'S MSJ Partnership while full time within Telstra as an officer of the Commonwealth, thereby MEAD & MSJ were collusiovely defrauding TAX PAYERS by defrauding Telstra, to defraud and to predatory boycott and sabotage Ivory and his businesses to avoid public funds being paid to Ivory in restitution of his Property from the 1800 prefix systemic faults.
The MSJ partnership was paid Public Funds to prepare the materially false Complaint ready for their undisclosed Partner MEAD to falsely swear as a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth acting with competing and conflicting loyalties and who acted in total abuse of legal process.
So MEAD & MSJ collusively and maliciously and bogusly proceded for premeditated ulterior motives and to fulfil a Commonwealth of Australia CABINET MEMBER'S 1800 Prefix CoT Victim Public Debt Avoidance Tactic of the Deceitful CABINET MEMBER(S) who had PRE-APPROVED that unlawful CoT mishandling, defrauding and defaming Tactic.
MEAD was also an undisclosed MSJ Partner when MEAD knowingly, maliciously and tactically perpetrated and committed MEAD'S criminally, unlawfully on the 23 December 1996 as a Telstra Officer of the Commonwealth without disclosing that he MEAD was also a Partner in his own MSJ partnership who MEAD from Telstra had retained to assist MEAD to perpetrate that indictable crime.
MEAD acted falsely and Bogusly in TELSTRA'S name as a thereby corrupt officer of the Commonwealth by 'STEPHEN JOHN MEAD' having in a premeditated intent to act maliciously, bogusly, falsely, criminally  and wrongfully  with full knowledge of the law as a lawyer and as a partner of one of the largest law firms in Australia without 'MEAD' being given any of the necessary TELSTRA Legal Directorate officers of the Commonwealth TELSTRA BOARD necessary approval which approval was either board refused and or MEAD never tried to obtain the necessary TELSTRA BOARD RESOLUTION which MEAD in 1997 admitted he knew he needed to get before swearing the with or without materially false Complaint.
MEAD & MCDONNELL both proceeded to go before Magistrate W. J. Smith in Brisbane despite both knowing they were proceeding in total breach of MSJ own prior written legal advice given to MEAD and to all of Telstra's other Legal Directorate officers of the Commonwealth.  MEAD & MCDONNELL both first-hand knew that they both were unlawfully and dishonestly proceeding contrary to law and in total abuse of legal process on 23.12.1996 to ensure to maliciously and falsely destroy Ivory's life and business reputation and to destroy Ivory's standing in life based on their own TOXIC LAWYERS proceeding to criminally and wilfully engage in false, misleading, dishonest, bogus & in making materially false, bogus and malicious allegations.
Thereby on the 23.12.1996 MEAD and his TOXIC MSJ Partnership Partners were NOT authorized for MEAD to perpetrate those corruptly indictable crimes to falsely & bogusly defraud, injure and defame Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as was maliciously, wrongfully, bogusly and totally was falsely and dishonestly committed in an unlawful manner in TELSTRA'S Name as bogusly signed in the materially false and bogus Complaint sworn by MEAD & signed by MEAD as being true and correct by the hand of MEAD.
MEAD for well knew the content and context in the Complaint was false and misleading and was  a bogus Complaint from before MEAD swore & signed the False and Misleading in a material particular Complaint.
MEAD also knew the False Complaint is also a dishonest and defamatory bogus Complaint, and Mead colluded with Mr. W. J. Smith a then relieving Queensland Magistrate mate of MSJ Partners and both were aided and abetted by JUSTIN ANTHONY MCDONNELL of the MSJ Partnership and MEAD's own MSJ Partnership were paid Public Funds via Telstra to prepare the False Complaint and to misuse the bogus Complaint to procure the issuing of a from day-one INVALID Apprehension Warrant.                                                UA-71256912-1
STEPHEN JOHN MEAD intentionally swore that materially false and misleading Complaint on the 23.12.1996 in total offence of fraudulent misrepresentations and in total offence of the Commonwealth's own Section 3ZT of the Crimes Act 1914 (Commonwealth).
But STEPHEN JOHN MEAD since the 23.12.1996 has not even in 2016 yet been indicted,  investigated and or even been charged or imprisoned YET by any State, Federal and or by any Commonwealth Authorities whatsoever, why NOT, is MEAD far to toxic and to slippery for them?
Thereby every and all 'CABINET MEMBER' as officers of the Commonwealth since and on the 23.12.1996 to 2016 have each intentionally covered-up for MEAD and thereby are still knowingly and criminally aiding & abetting MEAD and his powerfully but corrupt MSJ Partner.
Thereby MEAD acted maliciously, falsely deceptively and bogusly and MEAD intentional misused and acted in total abuse of legal process in a premeditated intent by strategically, maliciously and wilfully perverting and defeating the course of justice ex-parte as a Telstra officers of the Commonwealth while a secret MSJ Partner.
Such institutional corruption and criminality is endemic in the political, legal profession and judicial favours underworld right here within Australia and even over in Scotland is our first-hand experience here at Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics. 
Our Elected and their selected Un-Elected officers of the Commonwealth of Australia are from our Cabinet Members down are implicated in having collectively misrun and mishandled the Commonwealth Casualties of Telecom - Telstra Victims into the groundancially by CABINET MEMBERS having continued to allow Public Funding of competing and conflicting loyalty predatory law firm partnerships to keep rorting Public Funds for the law firms and for their law firms partnerships partners to keep profiting from the proceeds of their in particular 1800 Prefix Systemic Faults cover-uprorts and tactics peretrated as CoT mishanding Frauds which Fauds were and still are indictable Crimes which have been Public Funded for over the last Twenty Two (22+) Years of corportate, political and judicial frauds perpetrated by criminal intent of our trusted and purportedly honourable officers of the Commonwealth.
How did that come about, simply because the majority of our past and present CABINET MEMBERS of the Commonwealth of Australia are LAWYERS by Trade and so despite their Deceit and Criminality they would have each been well aware of the Maxims Law below:
      * Melior est justitia vere praevenies quam severe
Which = Truly preventive justice is better than severe punishment.
But our past and present CABINET MEMBERS and their subservient other Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth seem to have chosen to aid and abet each other to keep concealing and to keep the lid on how and why the Howard Coalition Government engaged wilfully in perpetrating INSIDER TRADING AND MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS to price fix globally the T1, T2 and T3 Telstra share floats by their collusive and strategic avoidances of omitting to disclose by not remedying this 1800 Prefix CoT matter as it appears they are above the laws they have made or in which they administer and so they would each prefer to now globally face severe punishment for their fraudulent financial liability concealments, avoidances and for their collusively corrupt and unlawful mishandling of this 1800 Prefix CoT matter perpetrated unlawfully and frauduently to wilfully and unjustly defraud Ivory as part of their abuses of public office as strategic Public Debt avoidance tactics which continue to be dishonourably perpetrated by even the TURNBULL COALITION GOVERNMENT in 2016.
But MEAD concealed from the Magistrate Court and from the District Courts of Appeal in Queensland that he MEAD was also an undisclosed and was thereby a dishonourably concealed and a  corruptly dishonest dual income competing and conflicting loyalty Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partne while at the same time a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth.
It was and still is corruption for the MSJ Partnership to be representing Telstra & Mead on the 23 December 1996 or at any time before and or since then and thereby it was CABINET MEMBER corruption to  allow Public Funds to keep being paid to the MSJ Partnership to act as the Legal Advisory Law Firm to Telstra during the Commonwealth of Australia's COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Inc, false, misleading and deceptive T1, T2 & T3 Floats to ensure to collusively omit and not disclose any 1800 Prefix outstanding CoT Liabilities in any of the three (3) thereby INVALID & FRAUDULENT Floats.
MEAD signed the False & Bogus Complaint as an  officers of the Courts and as a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth while STEPHEN JOHN MEAD was acting totally dishonourably & in abuse of legal process to strategically defraud & defame Ivory for collateral financial advantage on the part of MEAD and also for and on the part of MEAD'S MSJ Partnership's partners, and for the political party benefit of all CABINET MEMBERS who were collusively also acting in concert with MEAD, TELSTRA and the MSJ Partnership for and on behalf of other dishonest third party predatory boycotting and industrial sabotage ulterior motives.
MEAD failed to disclose to  Ivory and to the Courts that he (MEAD) was also receiving 'dual financial gains' from the proceeds of MEAD'S crimes perpetrated from inside Telstra for MEAD and for MEAD'S MSJ Partnship and for MEAD'S MSJ Partners and himself to each profit from the proceeds of MEAD'S & MCDONNELL'S strategiclly planned CoT Mishandling Public Funded CRIMES to defraud Ivory and preditorily designed to destroy IVORY.
MEAD committed his 23.12.1996 'Bogus & False Frauds' by MEAD having retained without Telstra Board Authority MEADS' own 'MSJ Partnership Law Firm' to dishonestly and criminally assist 'MEAD' from within TELSTRA, so that they each could create a pipeline of 'Public Funded' ongoing profits fully funded at all material times from the 'PUBLIC PURSE' which were financial rewards profited from the proceeds of MEAD'S crimes, which crimes were wrongfully & unlawfully perpetrated against Ivory
So in good-faith 'Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics' does EXPOSE herein for now each of the herein stated facts, which in good faith do outline also other Serious Political, Judicial, Corporate & Legal Profession Rorts, Criminality, Frauds & does Expose  current 'CABINET-MEMBERS-DECEIT'.

The 'Fault Element' for the offence of 'Judicial Corruption' under section 32 of the Crimes Act of 1914 of the Commonwealth is that the relevant conduct be carried out 'Corruptly'.   Which it has!
Why Did CABINET MEMBERS 'NOT' Make any Full and or any Proper and or any Factual CoT  Liability Disclosures?
Corruption was perpetrated via the Commonwealth of Australia’s 'HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENT CABINET MEMBERS' who DECEITFULLY committed T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS & Cover-Ups. 
'CABINET MEMBERS' strategically decided to have their Commonwealth T1, T2 & T3 Telstra 'share float's criminality' covered-up by perpetrating more fraud and more deception by them collectively and strategically concealing how they had committed material liability share float disclosure omissions and had materially published grossly understated and deceptively false CoT liability disclosures to manipulate the share sales pricing frauds perpetrated for and by 'CABINET MEMBERS' having intentionally approved and then having unlawfully engaged in seriously corrupt 'INSIDER-TRADING & MARKET-MANIPULATION FRAUDS, which was and which still is being criminally covered-up & is indictable wrongdoings still being perpetrated by CABINET MEMBERS in offence of the Laws! 
Why are our past & present Law Makers breaching their own LAWS?                                                                    UA-71256912-1
                        Monumental CABINET,
                  ASX, ASIC & ACCC  & ACMA
                 Hypocrisy & Serious FRAUDS!
'CABINET-MEMBERS' by 'Innate Cabinet Deceitful CoT Mishandling Tactical Prejudices' chose to then engaged in 'Monumental Hypocrisy' with their legal profession colleagues, who then colluded and had concealed and had all CABINET-MEMBERS-CRIMES all dishonestly and frauduently fully covered-up by the ASX and by ASIC and by the ACCC & ACMA strategic appointments to dishonestly conceal and cover-up all of the Cabinet-Member's own 'Insider Trading and Market Manipulation Frauds' by 'CABINET MEMBERS'.
Thereby CABINET-MEMBERS strategically made their hand picked appointments so as to ensure that those 'Commonwealth-Authorities-Closed-Their-Ranks' to corruptly protect each of them and to conceal their involvements in even the CABINET MEMBERS and their own 'MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS' perpetrated by our Elected Cabinet Member's who are ultimately their own departmental bosses by being 'Cabinet Members'
'CABINET-MEMBERS' consciously and strategically positioned their competing and conflicting loyalty former MSJ Partnership's Partners DAVID HOARE & ANTHONY ("TONY") D'ALOISIO to conceal their MSJ Partnerships crimes and the Cabinet's Market Manipulations and Insider Trading Frauds.
'CABINET MEMBERS' and other Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth's herein exposed crimes were-all-swept-under-the-carpet-by the revolving 'CABINET MEMBERS' having committed further fraud, deceit and deception to ensure to conceal Cabinet's own collective 'Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Deceit & Frauds'.
As was and as is still being concealed and covered-up by current 'CABINET MEMBERS' in 2016 who erroneously and collectively are still concealing and covering-up even from within the ASX and from within ASIC and from within the ACCC & by the Australian Federal Police who are all still sitting on their hands as officers of the Commonwealth by having their eyes wilfully blinded & gagged by continuous revolving CABINET MEMBER recycling and elivating their career mis-advisors & cronies like Paul Fletcher and the current President of the Liberal Party of Australia the former Communications Minister the definately not very Honourable Richard Alston.        
          Hypocritical Cabinet Members!
Hypocritical revolving 'CABINET MEMBERS' have and are in 2016 still dishonourably choosing to retain and further reward their implicated legal profession mates like they did for the T3 float via DAVID HOARE and TONY D'ALOSIO because they each already were criminally implicated as corrupt MSJ Partnership Partners, who were needed desperately by 'CABINET MEMBERS' to be strategically positioned by 'CABINET MEMBERS' to be able to 'Keep the Lid' on their own Liberal Party of Australia current President's former Liberal Coalition Party 'Cabinet Members' largest ever:
     FRAUDS' have been committed UNLAWFULLY by
     'CABINET MEMBERS' as officers of the 
     Commonwealth and by other also dishonest
     unelected officers of the Commonwealth - Not
     just 'Nationally' - But also 'Internationally':
Resulting in the 'Biggest Share Sale Price Fixing Rorts' and also in the biggest ever 'MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS' ever perpetrated by any Countries Elected 'CABINET MEMBERS'.
The CABINET MEMBERS FRAUDS exposed herein were aided & abetted by their fellow officers of the Commonwealth and which frauds to-date, are perhaps the Biggest Frauds ever perpetrated by CABINET LAW MAKERS in Legal History and Dollar Wise may be the biggest Financial Fruad & Market Manipulation Frauds in history committed by CABINET-MEMBERS doing so with premeditated criminal intent to intentionally and dishonestly conceal liabilities to falsely manipulate the share sales prices being fixed by CABINET to fund their own FUTURE FUND superannuation prior black hole unfunded Public Service Superannuations!     
         Self-Serving Fraud is still Fraud
             Even when Cabinet Committed!
'CABINET MEMBERS' perpetrated their self-serving superannuation 'BLACK HOLE' funding frauds at the expense of 'We the People' by dumping T3 Lien Encumbered Shares without disclosing the duly Sealed, Issued & Jurisdictionally Recorded T3 Lien!

The wrongdoers as referred to herein do include strategically positioned and criminally implicated Lawyers via the competing and conflicting loyalties of the in these matters very dishonest Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partnership (now known King & Wood Mallesons since 2012) (but is still herein referred to as the “MSJ Partnership”).
Who were each then strategically positioned by the HOWARD COALITION GOVERNMENT'S 'CABINET MEMBERS' to be tactically re-positioned and implanted to ensure the insider MisRunning of Telstra, and in the MisRunning of the MSJ Partnership, and then in the MisRuning of the ASX, and of the ACCC before, during and then in particular soon after the Commonwealth’s T1 & T2 Telstra Share Floats and in the MisRunning of ASIC particularly with the T3 float.
Why you may be thinking why, but that is easily answered it was to criminally ensure to 'Keep the Lid' on all 1800 Prefix CoT Victim Public Liabilities Owing, rather than having the share floats halted.
Also dishonest people were chosen and were strategically repositioned so as to  keep covering-up and to keep-on concealing the truth about how our elected CABINET-MEMBERS had already collectively collaberated and decided to dishonestly and falsely mislead and deceive to conceal how and why our elected CABINET MEMBERS had APPROVED for all outstanding 1800 Prefix CoT Victim Liability disclosure to be wilfully omitted from MARKETS contrary to the public disclosure laws and requirements.
     False T1 Float CoT Liability Disclosures!
Also to cover-up CABINET'S materially false T1 liability and the overinflated Telstra viability disclosures were falsely and dishonestly published when disclosed, & were covered-up by wilfully omitting to disclose any 1800 Prefix Liabilities within the Commonwealth's T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Public Offer Prospectus's False Disclosures. 
'CABINET MEMBERS' therefore had & got HOARE & D'ALOISIO positioned to be able to then corruptly suppress and conceal by them corruptly ignoring Ivory's notices to the ASX & to ASIC before the T3 Float and as served on all Telstra Directors during the T3 Float at Telstra's 2006 Annual General Meeting as sighted on national T.V by Telstra's Chairman engaging in insider trading frauds to mislead the markets by defaming publically Ivory.
Thereby those 2006 TELSTRA AGM Frauds by the Telstra Board Members who were then still officers of the Commonwealth 2006 AGM were all served by Ivory's own hand and the BOARD was then aided and abetted the 'CABINET-MEMBERS' to proceed with the bogus float instead of halting the T3 Telstra Share Float so criminality by CABINET DECEIT was recklessly still perpetrated dishonourably by them acting in concert to conceal the TRUTH from the MARKETS and from T3 INVESTORS about the Telstra 1800 Prefix Liabilities owing and to conceal those disclosure from being published and were still omitted from despite the T3 Lien Encumbrances' not being disclosed to the MARKETS or to INVESTORS, and they acted as an 'INSIDER TRADING FRAUD CARTEL' who chose to commit the T3 share float:                                           UA-71256912-1
 * 'Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Frauds'.
   Our Elected
    Misused Public Funds
 as Paid to MSJ People 
 to work as Implants
  within Telstra &
  within the ASX, ASIC
    the ACCC & as Judiciary.
Then those strategic CABINET Implants chosen by CABINET MEMBERS with past allegiances to the MSJ Partnerships partners who were CABINET chosen because their selected participants had also already been implicated in CABINET MEMBER approved False, Bogus & Malicious MSJ Partnership perpetrated frauds committed on the 23.12.96. 
Which 23.12.96 Bogus & False Frauds were and still are 'indictable crimes' perpetrated by MSJ partners and by MEAD which were also was committed while HOARE was a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth and while HOARE was also the dual income Chairman of Telstra at the very same time as being also the dual income Chairman of his own MSJ Partnership while retained by Telstra via MEAD. 
Thereby MEAD & HOARE as Telstra officers of the Commonwealth were misusing and abusing Commonwealth Public Funds by then having both corruptly retained their own undisclosed competing and conflicting loyalty MSJ Partnership for them both to additionally profit from the proceeds of their Crimes being perpetrated against Ivory and against Ivory's family and against Ivory's inventions and business' via MEAD and via his MSJ Partnership.
So 'CABINET MEMBER' had hand-selected and chosen HOARE & MEAD via the then Prime Minister the not so Hon. John Howard MP & also by Howard's not so Hon. Treasurer Peter Costello MP, as both Howard & Costello are Ex-MSJ lawyers and when MEAD was seconded from MSJ in Mid May 1994 to Telstra STANLEY HOWARD was the Chairman of MSJ brother of former Prime Minister JOHN HOWARD MP!  
What a bad toxic cesspit of corruption that remains un-investigated by any authorities whatsoever, why We the People are herein demanding to know?  Is it simply that such herein exposed in good faith corruption has politically breed far to much corruption to be held to account by the authorites who get paid by our Government?
   More Corrupt Cabinet Member Appointments!
Then 'CABINET-MEMBER-APPOINTMENTS' were strategically made to criminally keep covering-up the CABINET-MEMBERS MARKET-FRAUDS at the ASX and at ASIC.
'CABINET MEMBERS' needed to ensure to omit all 1800 Prefix Liability disclosures & did so by wilfully concealing all outstanding 1800 Prefix Public Liabilities by 'CABINET MEMBERS' thereby Cabinet Members approved to NOT make any full and or proper financial liability disclosures in the still INVALID & UNSIGNED OFF purported T3 Telstra Share Float Published Prospectus.
Which thereby contains materially false and omitted disclosures by having only disclosed in the 'CABINET APPROVED & PUBLISHED' but still grossly  false, misleading & deceptive disclosures made in the Commonwealth's own T1 & T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float Published false and bogus disclosures as are falsely made in all three (3) floats false disclosures.
Which 1800 Prefix CoT Victim liability disclosure omissions were then also not disclosed in the INVALID and in 2016 still is totally unsigned off and thereby the T3 Share Float has not and is not yet duly authorized as the falsely purported T3 Telstra Share Float Public Offer Prospectus is unsigned off because all Telstra Board needed and Ministerial needed signatories each first-hand knew that the financial disclosures made because of intentional and unlawful omissions do contain materially False, Misleading and or Deceptive Financial Disclosures as has been falsely published to obtain higher share sale prices by such unlawfully perpetrated criminality by Elected and by Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth as condoned & authorised by all CABINET MEMBERS.
Thereby in the T1 Float disclosures they only disclosed their deceitfully and grossly understated Casualties of Telstra ("CoT") liability disclosures made by CABINET MEMBERS having falsely asserted in the Commonwealth's T1 Float Disclosures made, by falsely asserting that a total sum of only $27.7 million dollars was in total falsely published asserting that was all that was still owing to and between falsely and allegedly being only Five (5) remaining outstanding Casualties of Telstra.
But between 1999 to 2003 at least Eight (8) CoT victims were paid by Public Funds in restitution of their Property and Ivory in 2016 remains still fully undisclosed & is still a fully outstanding CoT victim since 1993, but Ivory's was unlawfully omitted.
  Ivory is not & was not one of those Five (5) CoT's.
Those Five (5) other CoT Victims plus the other three UNDISCLOSED CoT's = Eight (8)CoTs were each NOT 1800 Prefix CoT Victims.
That is why those Eight (8) CoTs were paid in restitution of each of their Properties from Public Funds between 1999 and 2003  as they had each been  strategically but discriminately POLITICALLY and CABINET-MEMBER chosen and or were deceptively mislabelled as being the only remaining CoT Five (5) and were thereby deceptively disclosed and that CABINET-MEMBERS-DECEIT is therefore not only false, misleading and deceptive disclosures published but they also are dishonest and materially false and fraudulent disclosures as is bogusly disclosed within the T1 Public Offer Prospectus disclosures as was approved by the 'CABINET-MEMBERS-DECEIT'.
Thereby 'CABINET MEMBERS' deceitfully and tactically did falsely assert that only the very small amount of $27.7 million dollars was all that was and still owing as is thereby deceptively and falsely disclosed so as to thereby dishonestly and falsely engage with premeditated 'criminal intent' to wilfully and to falsely over-inflate the viability of Telstra in offence of fraudulent misrepresentations by CABINET MEMBERS who wilfully concealed & unlawfully and dishonestly omitted to NOT make any disclosures of the 1800 Prefix CoT Victim Public Debts owing.  Price Fixing Fraud.
But all 'CABINET MEMBERS' by then each for well fully knew 1800 Prefix Liabilities was and still is additionally owing from 1993 to currently in 2016.
Thereby the 'COALITION CABINET MEMBERS' and their MSJ & Freehills lawyer mates wilfully chose to shut-blind-eyes to their own FALSE & BOGUS and grossly understated outstanding by wilfully omitting the owing 1800 Prefix CoT Liabilities.
So 'CABINET MEMBERS have COLLUDED' and did dishonestly & grossly understate the true & actual still outstanding CoT liabilities in T1 disclosures.
So all outstanding 1800 Prefix CoT Victim financial liabilities were omitted so as to criminally ensure to dishonestly set-out by CABINET MEMBERS INSIDER TRADING FRAUDS to MISLEAD & DECEIVE THE MARKETS & ALL T3 INVESTORS by way of CABINET MEMBERS of past and of present still engaging in such MARKET MANIPULATIONS FRAUDS cover-ups and in 2016 cover-ups by the CURRENT CABINET MEMBERS collusively and by still having the ASX & ASIC to keep-on dishonestly covering-up the MARKET MANIPULATION Frauds
Why is it that our current 'CABINET-MEMBERS' are also still shutting-blind-eyes, is it so as to conceal those prior CABINET MEMBERS perpetrate INSIDER-TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION-FRAUDS?
CABINET-MEMBERS are still shutting bind-eyes to ensure to unlawfully keep MANIPULATING AND PRICE FIXING THE STOCK MARKETS GLOBALLY to keep covering-up the prior HOWARD GOVERNMENTS dumping of the T3 Lien Encumbered Shares at falsely overinflated share sales prices by omitting to disclose the T3 Lien.
CABINET MEMBERS successfully did so in 2006 until now by omitting to disclose Ivory's Awarded and Jurisdictionally Issued & Recorded 09 March 2006 Lien Placed Over the T3 Telstra Shares Held by the Commonwealth under Jurisdictional Seal Placed irrevocably over the Commonwealth's T3 shares.
Thereby 'CABINET MEMBERS' & 'FUTURE FUND' officers of the Commonwealth collectively and fraudulently obtained substantially higher T3 Share Sales Prices by failing to make full & proper disclosure to the MARKETS and to T3 INVESTORS!
'CABINET MEMBERS' have knowingly and falsely omitted to disclose the TRUTH so as to intentionally to set-out to deceive all Telstra share float investors and the 'MARKETS' globally.
By Commonwealth Elected 'CABINET MEMBERS' having engaged-in perpetrating 'INSIDER TRADING FRAUDS' to ensure to 'MANIPULATE THE COMMONWEALTH'S TELSTRA SHARE MARKET T3 SHARE SALE PRICES' by having concealed all outstanding 1800 Prefix Public Debt Liabilities from being disclosed within the thereby FALSE and incorrect T1, T2 & T3 deceitfully published Share Float offers bogusly and falsely made internationally by our trusted 'CABINET MEMBERS'!
These are also the reasons why the T3 prospectus was NOT and is NOT duly signed off and is INVALID.
Evidencing further that the 'CABINET MEMBERS' selected and strategically hand picked and apointed Telstra Board Members, Communications Minister Senator Helen Coonan & also Senator Nick Minchin as the Finance Minister in the T3 Floats each first-hand knowingly & collectively have engaged in their 'combined criminal intents'.
Which 'criminal intents' were and are part of the 'CABINET MEMBERS DECEIT' intentionally and criminally committed to keep defrauding and injuring Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & to intentionally mislead and deceive T3 investors globally not just nationally by CABINET MEMBERS having manipulated the STOCK MARKETS - Share Prices. 
Thereby the 'Australian Government' in 2006 and all revolving governments of the day ever since have aided & abetted in continuing to intentionally keep-on defrauding, misleading and deceiving the global share and stock MARKETS, even in 2016 and thereby are remaining silent wanting Ivory to die. 
If full and proper outstanding Casualties of Telstra 1800 Prefix 'Liability Disclosures' had have been made and fully disclosed, then most likely the full disclosures would have actually reflected that Telstra was in 1996 to 2006 technically being trade by CABINET MEMBERS and Other APPOINTED officers of the Commonwealth were concealing that Telstra was in actual fact Trading While Insolvent.                                                                      UA-71256912-1
Which CABINET-MEMBERS did conceal that Telstra was 'insolvently trading' had full liability disclosures been made and disclosed and so dishonest CABINET-MEMBERS should have themselves halted all three (3) of their Commonwealth Telstra Share Sale Floats, but CABINET-MEMBERS never did!
So CABINET-MEMBERS strategically positioned people and collusively engineered the frugally dishonest running of the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”), the Australian Securities Investigation Corporation (“ASIC”) & also positioned CABINET SELECTED LAWYER PLANTS within Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (“ACCC”) which still do each act as a collusive CARTEL to not remedy, but to instead keep covering-up such criminality and to cover-up FORMER-CABINET-MEMBERS having each chosen to collusively commit their T1, T2 & T3 Share Float Frauds.
Which unlawful cover-ups by our current CABINET-MEMBERS in 2016 renders them each to be wilfully aiding & abetting T1, T2 & T3 fraudlent wrongdoings, which criminality is also contrary to law by our current CABINET-MEMBERS even concealing this in 2016 renders theeach in law to be still unlawfully aiding & abetting such crimes.
But we do perhaps insightfully but we do accurately reveal the depth of maladministration & cronyism being perpetrated from within the Commonwealth of Australia by our past & present CABINET Elected & by Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth.
Exposing how even current CABINET MEMBERS are dishonourably and are collusively perpetrating with Military Style Accuracy their ongoing frauds AGAINST and strategically omitted and fully left-out and still fully undisclosed 1800 Prefix Casualties of Telstra (“CoT”) and (“CoT” related) Victims of theirs, as is still being covered-up by CABINET MEMBERS from and within current Commonwealth of Australia’s Agencies and by Departmental officers of the Commonwealth.
Including the wilfully blind-eyes from within the Australian Federal Police & by past & current Governor-Generals who are chosen by CABINET-MEMBERS not by Her Majesty, so much for having a Consitutionally having the ultimate power as that has been hijacked to corruptly set-out to keep deceiving & defrauding We the People.
Which corruption has reached & has politically infiltrated the Judicial Ranks of the HIGH COURT OF AUSTRALIA all administered & facilitated by the Revolving Government CABINET MEMBERS of the day. 
Which herein outlined 1800 Prefix CoT Victim mishandling tactics are all CABINET APPROVED corruption, which frauds are still being unconstitutionally perpetrated against Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & against his Solar-Mesh® businesses.
Which wrongdoings first commenced in 1993 under the LABOR KEATING GOVERNMENT & has continued by all subsequent political officer's of the Commonwealth which continues in the year 2016.
As ordinary business subscribers we at Solar-Mesh® have been forced to keep enduring the above outlined INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS Cover-Ups & there from so We at Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics have witnessed a trickling-down adverse ongoing effect of that corruption and incompetence by us simply trying in good faith to amicably get these CoT matters commercially resolved so We can then get on with the rest of our lives; but it appears that We will need to first have ELECTED HONOURABLE and HONEST Cabinet-Members as that so far seems to not have yet occurred within this Country for over two decades.
What started out to simply be from 1993 forward our own not fit for purpose supplied 1800 Prefix Telecommunication Service, which in 1993 new 1800 Prefix Number Range was forced upon us and forced upon all 008 Prefix subscribers by compulsory change-over orders being given by and from Austel who is now known as the ACMA which is just another Department of the Commonwealth of Australia, which is also CABINET controlled.
But 1800 777 592 was  supplied to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & his Solar-Mesh® Businesses in a not fit for purpose stated for a dishonourably and dishonestly prolonged period of time from 1 September 1993.
Even in 2016 the 1800 Prefix 1800 777 592 Number is still not supplied in fit for purpose when dialled and all other various extensively nationally and internationally advertised Solar-Mesh® fully relied-on for incomming business's various telecommunication services were all fully withdrawn in 1996 as part of a Casualty of Telstra (CoT) CABINET APPROVED CoT mishandling tactic
So in 2016 they were and still are all fully withdrawn from service since 1996 to strategically keep silencing Ivory as more MSJ Partnership Dishonest Lawyer's premeditated and tactical telecommunication interference frauds designed to tactical defraud Ivory and to also predatorily ensure too fully defraud Ivory and his Solar-Mesh® businesses to ensure they would be cash-flow wise telephone withdrawals starved and defrauded right out of business by abuses of government monoply powers contrary to law and by their officers of the Commomwealth having engaged in corruptly dishonest competing and conflicting loyalty dual income employed predatory toxic legal profession officers of the Commonwealth who were at the same MSJ partners profiting from the proceeds of their strategicly perpetrated and extremely dishonest and corrupt CoT mishandling and CoT Victim defrauding crimes.
Hence Ivory's businesses 1800 Prefix number, and all (07) numbers including Facsimile and Mobiles and including all 000 Emergency Access were each unlawfully fully withdrawn from service in 1996 under instructions given from and by a competing and conflicting dual income Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partner STEPHEN JOHN MEAD who also was a Competing and Conflicting Loyalty Dual Income in-house Telstra Legal Directorate officer of the Commonwealth.
Mead misused his 'Combined Powers' and his 'Combined Positions' to dishonestly keep defrauding Ivory so that MEAD could keep funding his year-in-and-year-out MSJ Partnership revenue required overhead contributions, so that MEAD was thereby able to fraudulently keep maintaining MEAD'S MSJ partnership, while MEAD was at the same time a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth.
We have found that ‘Dispute Procedures and Practices’ put in place by Governments to purportedly protect us Lawful Sovereigns have simply not worked.
Moroever, 'Jurisdictional Awards' officially and irrevocably awarded in full favour of Ivory, but then the DECEITFUL REVOLVING CABINET MEMBERS & their Telstra Board Appointment's have each time still shut-blind-eyes and are still treasonously and contemptuosly are ignoring and failing to honourably comply with 'Prerogative Commands'
  That = insidiously corrupt CABINET-MEMBERS Misconduct!
Whilst internal, external & judicial 'Complaints Handling Tools' of the kind are theoretically available to subscribers and victims of such criminality cover-ups, but the Benchmarks principles of accessibility, independence, fairness, accountability, efficiency & effectiveness are openly thwarted by those Holding Positions of Power within telecommunications industry, CABINET, judicial & Political Resolution Schemes.
Inherently, this 'Negates Proper Access to Justice Principles' as is outlined within the Australian Government’s own 'Strategic Framework for Access to Justice'.
That totally tawdry state of affairs is what has inspired me Kenneth-Clyde Ivory to herein EXPOSE these facts and to outline our story of what the actual and factual facts really are as we have had enough of being honourably trodden on by revolving CABINET MEMBERS who as lawyers ought not be Elected into Politics, as such conflicts of interests are created by them being lawyers but who get paid from the public purse as being politicians who as laywers cannot be politicians for the reasons set-out & exposed herein.

Senator the Hon Helen Coonan a qualified international lawyer herself as does Senator Richard Alston do both have a real lot to answer for in relation what appears was both of their deliberate scams of political wilful blindness intentionally perpetrated dishonourably and which may well result in them both being charged corruption while they were the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts:
Also See: 30 Jan 2006 - Media-Release - Media Contact: Jane McMillan -

Government appoints Mr Chris Chapman as first ACMA Chairman I intend to recommend to the Governor-General that Mr Chris Chapman be appointed as the inaugural Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for a period of five years, the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Helen Coonan, announced today.     

  * “I am delighted that Mr Chapman has agreed to
      join ACMA as its first Chairman and its CEO,”
      Senator Coonan said.
  * “He has relevant and diverse skills in
      broadcasting and telecommunications, as well
      as extensive legal, financial and management
      expertise. His significant experience will assist
      ACMA as it faces many challenges in the next
      few years from the rapid technological changes
      taking place in television, radio and other forms
      of the media.

 * “The Government undertook a careful and
     exhaustive selection process for this position,
     and received expressions of interest from a
     number of highly skilled people. ACMA’s role in
     regulating the media and communications
     industry, which are a central part of the
     Australian economy and society, is vitally
  * “I am pleased that Mr Chapman has accepted the
      position of ACMA Chairman.”                               UA-71256912-1
We at Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics do thereby note that:

Minister Coonan appointed in January 2006 Chris Chapman to strategically head the ACMA being formerly AUSTEL so she hand picked Chris Chapman  worked as a corporate lawyer at  ‘Mallesons Stephen Jaques’ following his tenure as ‘Associate to the Chief Justice of Australia’.
In the run-up to the Commonwealth of Australia’s own T3 Telstra Share Float to better conceal the CABINET MEMBERS wilfully perpetrated their corrupt and dishonest Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Share Price Fixing Frauds by criminally omitting to disclose the CoT liability owing to Ivory and by failing to disclose the 09 March 2006 official Jurisdictionally Awarded and Officially Registered & Recorded Lien Placed officially and duly recorded under seal over the Commonwealth’s T3 Telstra Held Shares as recorded in full favour of Kenneth-Clyde Ivory over the Commonwealth’s T3 held Telstra Share,
Which 7 February 2005 issued Bill of Exchange Public Debt & its then 09 March 2006 issued Lien Encumbrances were also wilfully omitted and not disclosed in the T3 Prospectus and thereby the each of the Telstra Board & also the HOWARD GOVERNMENT CABINET MEMBERS appointed Finance Minister the therefore NOT very honest and the thereby Dishonourable Senator Nick Minchin each refused and or each fully failed to sign off in any T3 Prospectus Public Offer SELLERS AUTHORISATION PAGE for the T3 Float; thereby the T3 FLOAT OFFER is still unauthorised and still a fully unsigned off and thereby was and is  an INVALID & BOGUS purported T3 Prospectus.
Hence another
Ex-MSJ Lawyer was strategically positioned in the ACMA by Minister Helen Coonan to criminally be able to dishonestly and collusively keep defrauding CoT Victims and to conceal the premeditated Commonwealth CABINET MEMBERS wilfully committed massive Commonwealth T3 Telstra Share Float’s INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS. 
Mr Chapman holds a bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of New South Wales.  He is also a graduate of the Harvard Business School AMP Program.
                             The VOTING PUBLIC 
                         may wish to decide:
Why did these herein EXPOSED CABINET people while acting as our 'Law Makers' place themselves as being above the 'Law of the Land' by them strategically acting in denial of 'NATURAL JUSTICE' and in denial of 'FAIR PLAY'?
Why is it that OUR 'Elected' and 'Non-Elected' officers of the Commonwealth see absolutely 'No Problem' in allowing their 'Cabinet Members' to 'Keep-on oppressing We The Victims of their Political Wrongdoings' & of revolving 'Political Party Deceit' like they have done Politically to myself Kenneth-Clyde Ivory?  
The herein exposed scandals, but which are actual facts, which do now need to be decide by a 'Full Blown Senate Inquiry' or by a 'Full Blown Royal Commission Inquiry' as they are NOT civil matters but are now full blown 'Criminal Matters' which are NOT just limited to: ....
               Are they wilful 'Cabinet Perpetrators'?        
               Are they wilfully 'Bad Governments of the day'?
               Were & Are they 'Good Trustworthy' 'Government 

                         Sheer Brilliance
                  Sheer Fraud & Criminality?
It was sheer BRILLIANCE but it was and is also FRAUD and CRIMINALITY on the part's of the criminally implicated dishonourable officers of the Commonwealth Elected and Non-Elected and of their carefully selected competing & conflicting loyalty very toxic and strategically picked legal advisory law firms who were by misuses of Public Funds were employed and or retained to act with gross conflicting & competing loyalty retainers must be investigated and dealt with to the full extent of the Law!
Retainer Bribes were paid from Public Funds to Toxic Law Firm Partnerships to in effect take-over & who strategically & collectively did carefully masterminded their uncinsionable, malicious and unlawful CoT mishandling tactical ploys resulting in indictable and bogus frauds as were deliberately performed by dishonestly perpetrating their herein EXPOSED CRIMINALITY to defraud Ivory & so as to defraud &  deceive the MARKETS and INVESTORS to criminally manipulate the MARKETS GLOBALLY by CABINET MEMBERS of the Commonwealth of Australia intentionally having engaged-in their share price fixing frauds by way of  INSIDER TRADING engaged-in for the Commonwealth's T1, T2 & T3 Telstra floats.
Then the herein exposed implicated elected & non-elected-officers of the Commonwealth who collectively & strategically planned & ensured in premeditated criminal intent by ensuring that they had the ASX, ASIC & the ACCC to each be Ex-MSJ infiltrated to ensure to then wilfully conceal their T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float undisclosed & fully omitted 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault Outstanding CoT Victim additional liability disclosures and by fully omitting to disclose the outstanding 1800 Prefix CoT Victim Liabilities owing to Ivory; and omitted to disclose the additional CoT Liabilities owing to all other undisclosed 1800 Prefix defrauded Subscribers & which wilful Prospectus disclosure omissions has UNTIL NOW resulted in their legal profession gangs otherwise brilliantly performed frauds committed by their ever expanding Cartels collective:
Which unconscionable wrongdoings  & unconstitutional  CABINET DECEIT dishonourably, dishonestly & criminally was wilfully performed with precision as was performed by those well educated but therefore by a collectively intelligent GANG of Wilfully Blind White Collar FRAUDSTERS!
Who had each strategically CHOSEN to keep allowing for PUBLIC FUNDS to have been deceitfully WASTED by being paid as forms of Retainer Bribes to shifty, competing & conflicting loyalties implicated corrupt Law Firm Partnership's own financial gains at the ultimate accruing expense of the Public Tax Payers Purse, which past implicated Cabinet Members allowed.
Who as Political Elected & as APS Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth they have unconscionably had their mates or their own Law Firm Partners turned into Dual Income Competing & Conflicting Loyalty in-house officers of the Commonwealth so as to predatorily  engage in criminality, including but not limited to crimes of Industrial Sabotage & Secondary Boycotting perpetrated against Commonwealth of Australia ("CoA") Casualties of Telstra 1800 Prefix CoT Victims as occurred to defraud and to further inflict more undue loss, injury & damage onto Ivory.
That CABINET criminality  is further evidenced  by our Revolving Cabinet Members' in 2016 who are still 'Deceitfully Concealing' to avoide satisfying the wilfully omitted 'Restitution of CoT Property' owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, due to their past & present CABINET MEMBERS engaging collectively in clouded lawyer tactics of inflicting Public Debt Avoidance Tactics!   
These exposed professional 'White Collar Racketeers' & 'their cohorts' now should be each forced by the Commonwealth's Hon. Attorney-General to forfeit all of their 'ill-gotten financial gains' and interests in 'any business' due to their "racketeering activities" used to defraud CoT Victims like Ivory?
As was STRATEGICALLY PERPETRATED TO THEN COVER-UP & CONCEAL the Labor Party - Keating Government's initial Bungling of this CoT Matter & too then COVER-UP the Liberal Party's Howard Coalition Government's T1, T2 & T3 TELSTRA Share Float's strategically perpetrated & deceptively - WILFUL - 'INSIDER TRADING'  &  'MARKET  MANIPULATION' FRAUDS.
If Officers of the Commonwealth had nothing to Hide, then:
                      Why was Forty Five (45+)   
                             Toxic Law Firms
                             Retainer Bribed
          By Misuses & Abuses of Public Funds?
These above Crimes were perpetrated by officers of the Commonwealth corruptly PAYING around Forty Five (45) LAW FIRMS from all around Australia Public Funded RETAINER BRIBES so as to do  NOTHING  other than to Remain SILENT & to NOT Legally Represent & NOT to Advise any Casualties of Telstra ("CoT") Victims of the Commonwealth of Australia and to instead break the law for the Commonwealth & its Agency Telstra. 
 RETAINER BRIBES = Misconduct & Wrongdoings!
Resulted in Criminality committed by false and bogus ploys perpetrated in total ABUSE of Ivory's HUMAN & CIVIL LIBERTIES and the officers' of the Commonwealth responsible had criminally Retainer Bribed their own law firm partnership to act as a Cartel of Thugs who got paid by total ABUSE of Public Funds to strategically commit those indictable crimes against Ivory!
THEREBY between 1993 to 2006 T3 Float & during that Twelve (12) Years Elected and Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth abused, misused and are responsible for having WASTED estimated between $540 Million Dollars to $1.08 Billion Dollars or more, just on Commonwealth PUBLIC FUNDED Law Firm RETAINER BRIBES for the Forty Five (45) Law Firms to Stay Silent & to NOT Represent ANY of us CoT Victims at all.   
Those Forty Five (45) Law Firm RETAINER BRIBES were paid-out from PUBLIC FUNDS to ensure to pervert and defeat the course of Justice in contempt of their overriding legal profession of duties to the Courts so as to by criminality ensure to prevent and to fully STOP all CoT Victims at ANY Cost to prevent Us from being paid or awarded restitution for Our Properties:  
 * Equals Past & Present GOVERNMENT frauds!   
For POLITICIANS like Sarah Henderson MP & NON ELECTED Officers of the Commonwealth in 2015 and in 2016 like Susan Prunster a Director of Judicial Resourcing Team Courts, Tribunals and Justice Policy Branch of the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department writing and wanting Ivory or IVORY to take them to the purported Commonwealth Courts for other officers of the Commonwealth's criminality and to get compensation is more scurrilous corruption given the wide spread RETAINER BRIBES paid out to FORTY FIVE (45) LAW FIRMS over the years plus to stack loyalties to the Commonwealth for ever and a day.
We warn and notice in this 2016 Election Year in good faith that Political DONATIONS are BRIBES and FAVOURS from GOVERNMENT often carry with them an enhanced measure of regulation and he or she who receives the BENEFIT should also bear the DISADVANTAGE as NO ONE is obliged to accept a benifit against his or her consent, as better is the condition of the prossessor where neither of the two (2) transacting parties has the right in the first instance as the LAW'S serve the Vigilant, NOT those who offend or sleep as Political DONATIONS is what is used in rigging Politics so as to keep repressing 1800 Prefix Commonwealth Casualties of Telstra.
Thereby evidencing their past CORRUPTION has breed more and more CORRUPTION after CORRUPTION and more DECEIT on top of DECEIT!
So much for Fiduciary Duty of Care owing to We the People by those officers of the Commonwealth involved & by those Forty Five (45) Law Firms by 'literally collectively hundreds of officers of the Courts' who each thereby engaged in racketeering by criminally having taken Retainer Bribes to not uphold the law and to therefore intentionally dishonour the Courts and who thereby have acted as corrupted Partners & Lawyers by in effect having thereby wilfully taken 'Public Funded' Financial Gains in Obstruction of Justice.
The officers of the Commonwealth RESPONSIBLE for misusing & abusing those PUBLIC FUNDS in effect have thereby wilfully DEFRAUD the PEOPLE!
But Our Elected Commonwealth Government Cabinet Members did deceitfully keep allowing for those Abuses of Public Funds, & our ever since revolving & current  Cabinet Members are Dishonourably Aiding & Abetting by  Wilfully &  by UNCONSTITUTIONALY still SITTING SILENTLY on their POLITICAL HANDS to thereby Keep  Protecting  their own Political Party Predecessors by committing more ongoing misfeasance in Public Office.
Officers of the Commonwealth also Paid OTHER Extra Law Firms to collectively and predatorily PERPERTRATE INDICTABLE CRIMES & to wilfully & strategically SET-OUT to ensure to in THIS CoT Victim's instance abuse the Telecommunications Act to also have unlawfully Fully Withdraw All Telecommunication Services from Ivory, his businesses and from his family since late in 1996 forward & even withdrew all 000 Emergency Access to Maliciously Fully Stop this CoT Victim's INTERNATIONAL not just NATIONALLY  ESTABLISHED entire businesses Cash-Flows to UNREASONABLY ensure to strategically fully put Kenneth-Clyde Ivory right out of business in total ABUSE OF POWERS & IN ABUSE of PUBLIC OFFICE instead of Commercially Settling with Kenneth Ivory in Mid 1994 when full
liability was first accepted in mid 1994 via the word of the dishonest competing and conflicting loyalty dual income perjuring fraudster STEPHEN JOHN MEAD, who latter denied they had accepted liability.
MEAD as an officer of the Commonwealth had accepted liability in 1994 and instructed Ivory not to pay any Telstra bills for a small immediate bit of financial relief, then about six month's latter renegued on that promise so as to withdraw all telecommunication services not just the 1800 Prefix not fit for purpose number, thereby boycotting and sabotaging Ivory's businesses not just NATIONALY but also INTERNATIONALLY by MEAD'S thereby clearly premeditated dishonesty fraud and deceitful wrongdoings.
It was TABLED in Senate Estimates Inquiry in June 1997 that a further sum of $36,976,583.00 of Public Funds had been thereby actually wasted on funding additional Law Firms between 1993 just until the 24th  June 1997 alone and much beyond then to FOBB OFF all disclosed & undisclosed CoT Victims while Telstra officers of the Commonwealth & MSJ Partners, & Minister Alston & Paul Fletcher were collectively concealing from the Senate Estimate Committee Members the EXISTENCE of Ivory's 1800 Prefix Systemic Fault  CoT Victim Omitted but additionally outstanding Public Liability & they strategically each collectively also colluded & failed to advise Ivory of the existence of the Senate Estimates Inquiry into CoT & CoT related matters, so as to not hold up the T1 Float from proceeding by DEFAULT latter in 1997.        
I has been reported that what LAW firms are really looking for in a lateral hire is to change the way clients view their LAW firm.                                                                            UA-71256912-1
So: “It has also been reported in 2016 that unless you as a LAWYER had or have at least a million-plus in fees to follow you and preferably two (2) million dollars to four (4) million dollars in regular incomming client's fees per annum, then forget it – there's no point in any LAWYER trying to move from one LAW firm to another”.


These CABINET MEMBERS have a LOT to answer for the Insider Trading & MARKET Manipulation FRAUDS or for still CONCEALING them Globally!

Prime Ministers
Mr. Paul Keating,
Mr. John Howard,
Mr. Kevin Rudd, Miss  Julia Gillard, Mr. Kevin Rudd & Mr. Tony Abbott & now Mr. Malcolm Turnbull and each of Their Competing Loyalty Ex-MSJ Lawyer Chiefs-of-Staff & misadvisors such as
Mr. Paul Fletcher &
 Mr. Josh Frydenberg
Peta Credlin but not limited to each of them!

Finance Ministers
Mr.  John Fahey &
Mr. Nick Minchin
& Treasurers
Mr. Peter Costello & 
Mr.  Joe Hockey & their Chiefs of Staff & their misadvisors are all CRIMINALLY implicated
Even the February 2009 MSJ Partnership corrupted & induced Department of Finance Bogus Frauds perpertated their crimes via the Head Account's Payable officers such as by  
Ms. Jenni Koenig,
Mr. Anthony Asome & Ms. Alice Spurgin!

Communications Ministers
Mr. Richard Alston,
Mr. Daryl Williams &
Ms. Helen Coonan &
Mr. Stephen Conroy & their Competing Loyalty Ex-MSJ Lawyer Chiefs-of-Staff & misadvisors such as Mr. Paul Fletcher from 1996 - 2000 and Josh Frydenberg and Peta Credlin!

White-Collar Criminality?
Misfeasance in Public Office?
Treasonous Contempt?

So who are these past & present implicated officers of  the Commonwealth and how wide-spread is CABINET-MEMBERS deceit?
Will  they still be each Politically PROTECTED as HEROS in this 2016 Election Year by the current Turnbull Coalition Government's Cabinet Members?
Who are these past and or currently elected & or non-elected, but criminally implicated, unethical & dishonourable officers of the Commonwealth who specifically were & who specifically are currently still criminally implicated in  wrondoings by having kept concealing &  omiting to make any full and or  any proper outstanding CoT Victim Liability Disclosures, which serious officers of the Commonwealth perpetrated frauds have resulted in the herein exposed:  
Which perpertated frauds are still being currently engaged in 2016 so as the now current Liberal Party of Australia CABINET-MEMBERS can keep protecting their PARTY PRESIDENT Richard Alston the former offending Minister for Communications who's now Member of Parliament side kick Paul Fletcher MP can each be still politically protected by CABINET-MEMBERS continuing to keep concealing the CoA's T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float(s) unlawfully  perpetrated INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS?
For a decision on should any of the implicated officers of the Commonwealth and or should any of their retained law firm partner's still be Punished to the Full Extent of the LAW that does now need a Full Blow Senate Inquiry and or a Full Blown Royal Commission Inquiry To decide, does it not?  

Setting the Scene

 We at  Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics:
Have this herein in good faith exposed KNOWLEDGE so WE at Cabinet -Deceitful - Tactics as the herein Exposer does HAVE a Legal & Moral Obligation to Disclose these herein facts & to not  conceal the herein facts from the People or from any of the Various Authorities Nationally & Internationally to allow Natural Justice to finally now occur without any fear or favour.
Because it was not just NATIONALLY but ALSO was INTERNATIONALLY that our ELECTED & NON-ELECTED officers of the Commonwealth of Australia who CHOSE to ENGAGE in the Commonwealth's T1, T2 & T3 Scandalous TELSTRA Share Float 'INSIDER TRADING' & 'MARKET MANIPULATION' FRAUDS and in ASX, ASIC & ACCC Cover-Ups by deliberately & dishonestly omitting to disclose any 1800 Prefix Liabilities owing to any 1800 prefix CoT Victims such as Ivory was & still is from 1993 to 2016. 
Which Insider Trading & Market Manipulation Frauds were akin to forms of Political Racketeering, perpetrated by & for the CoA's 'FUTURE FUND' to be able to fund their own political retirements & fund those retirements of all officers of the Commonwealth, to by default & fraud be able to Public Fund their own previously fully unfunded superannuation black-holes.
So CABINET MEMBERS as officers of the Commonwealth dishonourably AUTHORISED for the Commonwealth of Australia's T3 Telstra share float's ill-gotten financial gains, which ill-gotten gains were procured by wilfully omitting to disclose any full & proper 1800 Prefix outstanding CoT victim financial liabilities owing to Ivory and or additionally owing to any other 1800 Prefix defrauded CoT victims.
Which wrongdoings & gross competing loyalty frauds were & are self serving political misconduct perpetrated by Politicians &  by other officers of the Commonwealth & by their strategically retained legal profession officers of the Commonwealth, who each collective have engaged in serious wrongdoings.
Which is criminality which strategically committed criminality has resulted in the implicated CABINET MEMBERS and their cohorts in having deliberately INVALIDLY dumped  & unlawfully converted and misappropriated into the FUTURE FUND the undisclosed T3 Lien ENCUMBERANCES REGISTERED & RECORDED over the Commonwealth's held T3 Telstra Shares.
Ivory's Bill of Exchange T3 Lien Encumbered Share as were being held by the CoA, but by deception were converted deceptively by dception and fraud into purportedly Legal Tender by Default when convered by TRUSTED officers of the Commonwealth & authorised by Cabinet Members having voted to in effect deceptively mislead T3 Float Investors & the Markets  'INTERNATIONALY'  Not   Just   'NATIONALY' by CABINET MEMBERS having engaged in such dishonourable "Dirty Tricks".
But in 2016 even our Current Elected & Non-Elected officers of the Commonwealth are still SITTING on their HANDS concealing this information & facts & are still omitting & concealing these facts from the T1, T2 & T3 TELSTRA Share Float's misled investors despite ASICS ongoing disclosure requirements,  so to thereby criminally keep concealing & covering-up that the Commonwealth of Australia's elected & non-elected officers of the Commonwealth have wilfully & deliberately mislead & deceived: 
The MARKETS & INVESTOR'S, & perpetrated bogus frauds to keep concealing their own concealment of: 
            FRAUDS from all deceived
            TELSTRA SHAREHOLDERS & from the PUBLIC
       *   But the CURRENT CABINET MEMBERS in 2016
            remain tactically silent & will NOT explain WHY to
The FACTS are evident that a Prima-Facia CRIMINAL CASE DOES EXIST for the HON. ATTORNEY-GENERAL  and or via the Hon. Minister for Justice to instruct for the  FEDERAL-POLICE  to PROSECUTE those past & present officers of the Commonwealth for their past & for all ongoing Collusion to keep concealing, so as to keep Defrauding Kenneth-Clyde Ivory; and to instead criminally keep protecting those that have DEFRAUDED & MANIPULATED the share sale prices of the Global STOCK MARKETS and so CABINET MEMBERS thereby wilfully DEFRAUDED & DECEIVED the MARKETS & the T1, T2 & T3 TELSTRA all Shareholders/Investors.
The EVIDENCE that Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics has:
For the AUTHORITIES such as the FEDERAL POLICE and or for THE STATE Of QUEENSLAND POLICE and or for a FULL BLOWN SENATE INQUIRY and or for a FULL BLOWN PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY and or for the HON. GOVERNOR-GENERAL  and or for a FULL BLOWN ROYAL COMMISSION INQUIRY should they wish to apply to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory is available by clicking on the herein above top link: SUPPORT and scrolling right down to the bottom of that page and by filling out their requesting details. 
Also evidence is available for REPUTABLE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST(S) should they wish to apply to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory by clicking on the herein top above link: SUPPORT and scrolling to the bottom of that page.
                SPIN & PERJURY, DOES, DID and 
            HAS resulted in CABINET-MEMBERS
             having wilfully ENGAGED-IN unjust 
           CoT VICTIM BLAMING by our thereby
          very dishonorable  CABINET-MEMBERS 
To-date the MEDIA have been mislead and deceived by Public Purse Funded purported Advisers, Chiefs-of-Staff and their professional SPIN MERCHANTS to prevent any OPEN, HONEST & TRUSTWORTHY true and actual facts, that was done in this CoT matter as part of Telstra & Cabinet Members as officers of the Commonwealth strategically engaging in MARKET MANIPULATION and INSIDER TRADING FRAUD cover-ups.
But without news worthy media coverage our CABINET MEMBERS are protected from being forced to commission any INVESTIGATIVE Inquiries.
                                  THE FACTS DO EVIDENCE   
                       DO EXPOSE THE TRUTH
The EVIDENCE and the actual facts do expose who, how & verifies  exactly how High-Up within the ranks  of our JUDICIARY the here within outlined criminality & fraudsters have perpetrated their INDICTABLE CRIMES,
which have been perpetrated by officers of the Commonwealth some of who are implicated in still having this CoT Matter still Covered-Up in 2016.
                          Given  Politically By
Political Rewards & Political Appointments have occurred resultant by the corruption being now outlined herein & which Corrupt Appointments have already been infiltrated into also the High Ranks of the JUDICIARY which POLITICAL REWARDS have already infiltrated into the thereby corruptly POLITICALLY STACKED  HIGH COURT  OF AUSTRALIA
The now former STATE OF QUEENSLAND Solicitor-General who is implicated in HAVING CORRUPTLY obtained or been given Corrupt Judicial Protection & Corrupt Special Judicial & Political Favours for & to TELSTRA & MEAD as an Agency & as officers of the Commonwealth needs to have their Pensions & Assets Confiscated under the Proceeds of Crimes Laws, as do the Pensions & Assets of those Past & Present Officers of the Commonwealth implicated in protecting each of them.
Because TELSTRA & MEAD contrary to law PAID PUBLIC FUNDED corrupt Retainer Bribes to the then State of Queensland Solicitor-General from at least 1999 to 2005 and possibly from 23rd December 1996 forward to 2005.
Those Corrupt RETAINER BRIBES were ALLOWED by CABINET MEMBERS as officers of the Commonwealth too be paid to the MSJ Partnership, & or to the Thynne & Macartney Partnership & or to the State of Queensland's Solicitor-General out of & from Public Funds by Telstra  officers of the Commonwealth.  
MOREOVER POLITICALLY WE NOTE THAT the STATE OF QUEENSLAND ATTORNEY-GENERAL & THE STATE'S GOVERNOR EACH SILENTLY allowed for their SOLICITOR-GENERAL to (in exchange for his Dual Income RETAINER BRIBES) arrange to have STATE OF QUEENSLAND dishonourable JUDICIAL ASSOCIATES of THEIRS who silently acted with Gross Competing & Conflicting Loyalties to CRIMINALLY Provide Corrupt Special Judicial Favours in Exchange.
All was Perpetrated Resultant by the Commonwealth PUBLIC FUNDED Retainer Bribes being PAID to the Solicitor-General of the STATE OF QUEENSLAND via officers of the Commonwealth and which Corrupt Retainer Bribes Conflicted with the STATE'S Solicitor-General's Duties of Care Owing-In-Law to: KENNETH CLYDE IVORY and HUMANLY OWING also to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory.
Cabinet Members in 2009 allowed and our CURRENT CABINET MEMBERS IN 2015 CONTINUE to Aid & Abet the Department of Finance's Head Accounts Payable Officer Ms. Jenni Koenig & her Departmental CEO Mr. Anthony Asome & Ms. Alice Spurgin who each were induced to become corrupted officers of the Commonwealth in February 2009 from when criminally approached & induced by MSJ Partners to release copies of  23 September 2008 duly executed CoA Confidential Financial Instruments as given by them to MSJ Partners & they then each corruptly Signed Their Names to BOGUSLY FALSE purported Affidavits to be misused for & by the MSJ Partnership.
BUT their FALSE & BOGUS Affidavits were each signed/sworn NOT for and on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia, but were instead SIGNED for and on behalf of TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED.                                                      UA-71256912-1
However, TELSTRA was then already a fully Privatised Corporation when bogusly signed on the 23 February 2009.  Plus MSJ never had any necessary TELSTRA board resolution or duly executed authority to act.
All above frauds were perpetrated while the MSJ Partnership were acting without Legal Authority from the Board of Telstra to Ultra-Vires, DEFAME, DESTROY & DEFRAUD KENNETH CLYDE IVORY in a desperate attempt for MSJ partners to keep concealing their MSJ Partners and Ex-MSJ Partners Crimes hence they in 1996 to 2010 acted in abuse of legal process.
Thereby the Queensland Solicitor-General from 1996 & forward has wilfully corrupted the office of THE STATE OF QUEENSLAND'S Attorney-General & the STATE OF QUEENSLAND'S Crown Law Department of Justice and also all Attorney-Generals by them unlawfully & dishonestly protecting TELSTRA & MEAD and to protect MEAD'S 1996 undisclosed MSJ Partners instead of INDICTING  each of them for their 23 December 1996 Falsehoods & Bogus Frauds Perpetrated by the assistance of the STATE OF QUEENSLAND'S reckless & scurrilous misconduct of relieving Magistrate W. J. Smith.   The State of Queensland's revolving CHIEF JUSTICES have each corruptly failed to remedy.
The EVIDENCE will also EXPOSE How and Why DAVID HOARE & TONY MICHAEL D'ALOISIO both from the MSJ Partnership & How and Why DAVID HOARE also from TELSTRA as an officer of the Commonwealth after the Commonwealth's T1 & T2 Float's Shares had been deceitfully DUMPED by IMPROPRIATORY & DEFAULT  & they were both then after the T2 float Strategically Positioned within the Australian Stock Exchange (the "ASX") to & did cover-up the Unlawful T1 & T2 Float Wrongdoings as MSJ Partners.
So Tony D'Aloisio & David Hoare were BOTH Strategically Positioned in the MisRunning of the ASX and then somehow All T1, T2 & T3 TELSTRA Share Float FRAUDS were each fully Covered-Up at the ASX.
So with HOARE & D'ALOISIO both Strategically Positioned within the ASX then another Ex-MSJ Partner during the T1 & T2 Share Floats as the Legal Advisory Firm to TELSTRA the new Company Secretary to the TELSTRA  Board EX-MSJ Partner DOUGLAS GRATION Lodged the still fully unsigned OFF purported T3 prospectus on the 9 October 2006 with the Australian Stock Exchange (the "ASX").
Thereby GRATION & his fellow Ex-MSJ partners at the ASX  HOARE & D'ALISIO did  CONCEAL & did OMITT  to HALT the T3 Float & did also strategically FAIL to DISCLOSE to the MARKETS and to INVESTORS that the purported T3 Prospectus FAILS to have ANY SELLERS AUTHORISATION PAGE duly SIGNED OFF by the Board Members of TELSTRA and or by the Finance Minister Senator Nicholas Minchin, as it is Strategically published without being OFFICALLY AUTHORISED within the T3 Purported Prospectus Disclosures and it also FAILS to Disclose the outstanding CoT liabilities that were & still are fully OMITTED from being Disclosed in the T1, T2 & T3 False CoT Disclosures made in T1.  
Because only some other CoT Victim's Matters were Published within T1 Disclosures Falsely Implying that there were Only Five (5) Outstanding CoT Victims with a total Combined Outstanding Liability of Only $27.7 Million Dollars  owing as is Deceitfully Published by Dishonest CABINET-MEMBERS and by other implicated Elected and Non-Elected Officers of  Commonwealth to Mislead & Deceive the MARKETS & INVESTORS.
In 1999 to 2003 there were at least Eight (8) other CoT Victims who were Paid Restitution from PUBLIC FUNDS for  Restitution of  each of their  Properties, but the CoA's CABINET-MEMBERS only APPROVED for the false T1 Prospectus Disclosures made which does THEREBY incorrectly, DECEPTIVELY & FALSELY  disclose that there was ONLY Five (5) Remaining Outstanding CoT Victims in total.
But Kenneth-Clyde Ivorys outstanding 1800 Prefix CoT mater was OMITTED & WAS NOT DISCLOSED IN THE T1, T2 or T3 Purported Prospectus Disclosures so Ivory has not yet been paid even one cent of restitution for his Property despite having had Patent Protections in 93 Peace Treaty Countries. Our trusted Elected & Un-Elected officers of the Commonwealth thereby sabotaged & boycotted Ivory's ENERGY EFFICIENT INVENTIONS to defraud Ivory out of Peace Treaty Patent Protections in 93 Countries.
MOREOVER evidence was filmed by T.V. Camera's of the TELSTRA BOARD of directors as officers of the Commonwealth did each deceitfully and wilfully act dishonourably and dishonestly in offence of the TORT of Fraudulent Misrepresentations by silence and by their CHAIRMAN which occurred live during the 2006 TELSTRA Annual General Meeting ("AGM") perpetrated and headed by the wilful dishonesty of TELSTRA CHAIRMAN DONALD MACGAUCHIE an officer of the Commonwealth as was seen in-part-on National Television, from when Kenneth-Clyde Ivory as a TELSTRA Shareholder was dishonourably and was rudely gagged by being in-excusably refused by Mr. McGauchie from being allowed to call a Genuine TELSTRA Share Holder Point-of-Order.
This inhumane refusal occurred when Mr. McGauchie saw it was Kenneth Ivory calling the Point of Order, so Mr. McGauchie had the Share Holder Microphone rudely & immediately turned off to suppress & to prevent the Point-of-Order being voiced & Mr. McGauchie took to immediately misusing his Microphone to Dishonestly & to Publically Defame & to Derogatively Ridicul & Insult Kenneth-Clyde Ivory to all Telstra Share Holders Present & to all T.V. viewing live. 
Thereby rather than waiting until after the AGM had completed to serve Legal Documents on each Telstra Board Member as they were leaving the AGM, Ivory realised at that point-in-time that by the Venom and Distain coming from Mr. McGauchie it was in fact INSIDER TRADING and MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS Publically being perpetrated by Mr. McGauchie clearly misusing his position and powers as an officer of the Commonwealth over his Microphone on the stage, so after being denied any right of redress Kenneth-Clyde Ivory rightly chose to immediately proceed to and did individually serve Legal Documents on each individual Board Member of Telstra including on Mr. McGauchie himself. 
Mr. McGauchie had virtually immediately called for Security Thugs who Physically Manhandled and Assaulted Kenneth-Clyde Ivory in TOTAL DEPREVATION OF HUMAN & CIVIL LIBERTIES on National & International T.V. the THUGGS were called by the CHAIRMAN as soon as Ivory commenced serving those STAUTORY DEMAND Legal Documents, but Ivory managed to complete Legal Service before being attacked & physically assaulted by those Public Funded Two (2) hired Thugs. 
Before & After the 2006 TELSTRA AGM Kenneth-Clyde Ivory was interstate in NSW South of Canberra on Architect Prescribed Solar-Mesh(R) Business and so fully without Ivory's knowledge TELSTRA's corruptly retained & very dishonest MSJ Partners who apparently had applied in the Supreme Court of Brisbane to Ex-Parte & dishonestly had Ivory's TELSTRA Annual General Meeting ("AGM") Legally Served on National T.V. STATUTORY DEMMAND to Wind TELSTRA-UP to be set-aside in total abuse of Legal Process without factually or physically ever first effecting any valid or any lawful Legal Service on Kenneth-Clyde Ivory who was still Interstate on Business, unaware of any Court filings by or for Telstra's officers of the Commonwealth engaging in false & dirty legal profession frauds. 
Then after perverting and defeating the course of justice Ex-Parte Telstra's dishonest officers of the Commonwealth during the T3 Float had derogatively and dishonestly published boasting that Kenneth-Clyde Ivory never turned-up to Court.  BUT how could any-one know to turn-up to any Court when Legal Service on that individual had never taken place and Ivory was totally unaware of any application to Set-Aside the STATUTORY DEMAND having ever been filed? 
That was all part of their collusive INSIDER TRADING and MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS to mislead and deceive T3 investors and the MARKETS not just Nationally but also Internationally to be able to fund their retirments as trusted but dishonourable and as thereby criminally dishonest and fraudulent officers of the Commonwealth.                     UA-71256912-1
                    EVIDENCE & FACTS!
The EVIDENCE will also show how TONY D'ALOISIO was later in October 2006  Paid Out Many Millions of Dollars to Finish-Up Early at the ASX after the purported T3 Prospectus had been lodged with the ASX and its INVALIDITY was then corruptly covered-up by and at the Australian Stock Exchange (The "ASX") and then covered-up by ASIC, the ACCC and had  been cover-up in 2006 by Senator Barnaby Joyce, Senator Helen Coonan, Senator Nick Minchin and by their Ex-MSJ ACMA Plant Chris Chapman as was covered-up by their ASX Plants David Hoare & Tony D'Alisio and then by Hon Peter Costello MP by him Cabinet Appointing D'Alosio to conceal their frauds in ASIC. All are absolutely TOXIC Plants!                                                                                        UA-71256912-1
The EVIDENCE shows how another EX-MSJ Lawyer Treasurer PETER COSTELLO MP the Architect of the FUTURE FUND Rorting of Ivory's Jurisdictionally Awarded under Seal & Officially Recorded 9th March 2006 Lien Encumbrances still validly Placed Over the CoA's T3 Telstra Shares as was OFFICIALLY REGISTERED & ISSUED Before COSTELLO Set-Up the FUTURE FUND structure in late April 2006.
So Then MR. PETER HOWARD COSTELLO MP a purportedly  Trusted OFFICER of the Commonwealth as Treasurer Strategically Positioned and Appointed TONY D'ALOISIO to Head ASIC from before the T3 Float Close Off,  thereby again preventing any independent scrutiny.
THEREBY resulting in Corrupt Misconduct by Australian Securities & Investment Corporation ("ASIC") officers of the Commonwealth who in a Face-To-Face Meeting in Canberra A.C.T held on the 8 January 2009, the ASIC officer was a Bruce Pittard of ASIC'S Misconduct & Branch Reporting Stakeholder Services who Met with Ivory and with an Australian Civil Authority Secretariat when Mr. Pittard at the conclusion of that lengthy meeting he ultimately Refused to Criminally Investigate  by saying to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & to the Australian Civil Authority ("ACA") Representative stated:
            * That they at ASIC would not be investigating at all because by the
               evidence shown by Ivory to Pittard, they at ASIC would have to be
               Criminally Investigating their own ASIC BOSS -  MR. ANTHONY 
               ("TONY") D'ALOISIO & that they each value their ASIC jobs to
               much to even start to investigating these serious Insider Trading
               & Market Manipulation Fraud matters!
                                                                                                                End of Quote.
Then on the 22 June 2009 ASIC's Bruce Pittard not knowing that Ivory's witness on the 8th January 2009 was from the Australian Civil Authority ("ACA") wrote  back in response to that ACA representatives' 25 May 2009 correspondence sent to ASIC via Bruce Pittard which Ivory only got a copy of on 17/12/2015 and Ivory notes that Pittard falsely had made out or falsely implied Ivory had attended ASIC in Canberra on his own and Pittard deceitfully further wrote back to the ACA thereby creating a materially false ASIC record in offence of the tort of Fraudulent Misrepresentation by Pittard of ASIC falsely having stated contrary to what he had told Ivory as Pittard has falsely stated to the ACA as follows:
     * At that meeting I (Pittard) made it clear to Mr. Ivory that his damages
        claim against Telstra was a civil matter and not a matter for ASIC to
        become involve.  I believe Mr. Ivory left the meeting with an
        understanding ASIC was not going to take any action in this
        This remains ASIC's position.
                                                                                                                End of Quote.
          * Kenneth-Clyde Ivory does herein expose and does verify that what
             ASIC's Pittard wrote (as is Quoted Above) to the Australian Civil
             Authority ("ACA") on the 22 June 2009 is NOT and was NOT what
             ASIC'S thereby Tony D'Aloisio aider & abetter the thereby very
             dishonest Australian Security and Investment Commision ("ASIC")
             FRAUDSTER Mr. Pittard wrote because Mr. Pittard had NOT & did
             NOT say any of that to Ivory on the 8 January 2009 and or ever
             since to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory when witnessed by the ACA witness.
Plus TELSTRA had been and was already fully Privatised in 2006 before that 2009 ASIC meeting, without the Commonwealth of Australia ever disclosing any 1800 Prefix Liabilities as being owing to dishonestly and unlawfully keep concealing this herein fully omitted CoT Victim Public Liability still fully owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, so  corrupt officers of the Commonwealth of Australia wilfully, unlawfully and dishonestly published materially false outstanding CoT liabilities in the Commonwealth Telstra T1 purported Prospectus' and omitted to correct those false disclosures in the Commonwealth's also materially false T2 & T3 purported Public Offer Disclosure Prospectuses to DEFRAUD, MISLEAD & DECEIEVE THE MARKETS by INSIDER TRADING FRAUDS. 
In Pittard's above quote materially false ASIC correspondence sent to mislead and deceive the Australian Civil Authority ("ACA") he Pittard & ASIC in 2009 has in effect admitted disclosure in the 2006 Commonwealth's Telstra Share Float T3 prospectus was required to be disclosed by ASIC'S Mr. PITTARD having asserted the claim is a claim against Telstra and not against the Commonwealth.
But it was the Commonwealth of Australia's CABINET MEMBERS who failed to disclose the 1800 Prefix Liability owing to Ivory & owing to other 1800 Prefix subscribers which 1800 Prefix Liabilities were NOT disclosed by and in the Commonwealth of Australia T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float Public Disclosure Prospectuses to manipulate the Share Sale Prices Obtained by such Fraud & Deceit, which eithway is a criminal matter not a civil matter, thereby evidencing further the materially false and fraudulent misrepresentations made for ASIC by Mr. Pittard which ASIC lies were made in writting to the Australian Civil Authority ("ACA") in 2009. 
So perhaps that misconduct by the Commonwealth's own CABINET APPOINTED ASIC Regulator's own insider trading frauds and dishonest cover-updeceit may have been yet another reason why all Americans were not allowed to buy any T3 Telstra shares!
Hence in 2009 Ivory infact did not go to see ASIC or Pittard about any Telstra debt it was about the Commonwealth of Australia's CoT Debt owing to Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and it was also more about the materially false, misleading and or deceotive T3 Prospectus having NOT been duly signed off and for the Commonwealth's CABINET MEMBERS having failed to disclose all 1800 Prefix Liabilities in total, and which criminality did in 2006 result in the T3 Share Float's scandalous INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS having been criminally perpetrated as have been Publically covered-up by CABINET MEMBERS having approved strategic positioning of lawyers etc. into the ASX, ASIC and into the ACCC and into the ACMA to KEEP THE LID on their crimes.
For any Officers of the Commonwealth ELECTED or NON-ELECTED REFUSING or any ASIC, ASX, AMCA or any ACCC and or any  FINANCE DEPARTMENTAL Accounts Payable officers of the Commonwealth to make materially false misrepresentations or perjury so to NOT do their Jobs lawfully by them collectively as a union either IGNORING or by REFUSING to UPHOLD the LAW is akin to them AIDING & ABETTING the CABINET MEMBERS T1, T2 & T3 Telstra Share Float's INSIDER TRADING & MARKET MANIPULATION FRAUDS as thereby also very dishonest and corrupted officers of the Commonwealth  is and or are they not?
But ALARMINGLY  the CURRENT CABINET MEMBERS of the Commonwealth of Australia are each already  legally served & are already well AWARE of these herein OUTLINED matters but do remain silent.
Ivory is still a FULLY OUTSTANDING CoT Victim which liability is a Public Debt matter needing to be disclosed in the 2015 December Half Yearly Budget Disclosures including disclosure of their misconduct  being committed on  the part of now our current Cabinet Members, so WE THE PEOPLE ought to  be  very Alarmed if the bill of exchange jurisdictionally awarded Public Debt & T3 Lien as is still fully owing to Ivory is not fully disclosed as a contingent overdue liability of the Commonwealth of Australia by Sthe Hon. Scott Morrison MP.
Is evidenced by the fact that on the 27th November 2015 it was PUBLISHED to the effect that the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT has decided to KEEP it's Department of Finance Run Intra Government Communications Network ("ICON") or perhaps ("I-CON"). 
As the Department of Finance-Run Secure Interdepartmental Communications Network continues to provide value for the Government, according to a review, so we must assume Telstra was NOT value for money?
However, Mr. Paul Fletcher an Ex-MSJ Lawyer who was the Chief-of-Staff to Communications Minister Senator Mr. Richard Alston from 1996 to 2000, while from within the Department were both unconscionably colluding & deceitfully conspiring with Telstra officers of the Commonwealth and with MSJ Partners to in effect keep-on defrauding Kenneth-Clyde Ivory & his Solar-Mesh(R) Businesses.
But THEN in 2013 when under the ABBOTT GOVERNMENT Paul Fletcher MP an Ex-MSJ Lawyer was appointed as the Parliamentary Secretary to the then Communications Minister the Hon. Mr. Malcolm Turnbull MP.
In 1999 before entering Politics but during the MALCOLM TURNBULL REPUBLICAN PUSH Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull appointed STEPHEN JOHN MEAD to head the Republican Movement in Victoria for Mr. M. B. Turnbull.
Now in April 2015 the then HON. TREASURER Mr. Joe Hockey MP and the current HON. FINANCE MINISTER Senator Mr. Mathias Cormann and the Hon. COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER Mr. Malcolm Turnbull MP as COALITION GOVERNMENT CABINET MEMBERS of the Commonwealth THEY and the FINANCE DEPARTMENTAL officers of the Commonwealth collectively retained and continue to collude with the King & Wood Mallesons (Formerly Mallesons Stephen Jaques to lead a study on whether ICON  should be sold or leased or kept.
Thereby the Commonwealth of Australia in November 2015 are Still Funding & Rewarding the dishonourable MSJ Partners for having Corruptly Defrauded Ivory.
Will such Breaches of Political Fiduciary Duties of Care Continue in 2016?                                                                  UA-71256912-1
Because Kenneth-Clyde Ivory's current Liberal Party of Australia selected local Member Sarah Henderson MP has been instructed & ordered to toe the Liberal Party of Australia code of silence.  As Sarah Henderson MP has been ordered to NOT respond, NOT to assist, NOT to talk to and NOT to even meet with Kenneth-Clyde Ivory and to NOT act as Ivory's Political Fiduciary in Parliament, despite getting paid a Parliamentary Salary, Perks & Superannuation from Tax Payers to act for all of us.
But then Sarah Henderson on National T.V. does get paid to sit in OUR Parliament next to Ex-MSJ Lawyer & Ex-Cheif-of-Staff to the former Communications Minister the not so Hon. Senator Richard Alston his co-conspirator from 1996 to 2000, and Richard Alston is the current PRESIDENT of the Liberal Party of Australia.  Corruption tends to breed more corruption!
So clearly the 23rd December 1996 MSJ Partner's strategically positioned in-house TELSTRA officers of the Commonwealth's bogus & false FRAUD perpetrated in offence of the Tort of Fraudulent Misrepresentations and which deceit keeps manifesting into even more political wrongdoings with a rippling effect which in at least the electoral results in the seat of Corangamite ought to result in a title wave in the 2016 election given that Sarah Henderson MP is not just a Lawyer by trade but is also an investigative journalist who has compromised her own integrity by toeing the Party Line of deceit on deceit.
Second (2) & Third (3) Premature Death of  Two (2) key 1800 Prefix Fault Witness and the Third (3) witness was smothered in attempt to end his life:
* In a Medical Attempted Murder in 2010 when Kenneth
   -Clyde Ivory was physically smothered, died and then by a
   passing senior doctor rushing in was revived by hand while
   undergoing an emergency procedure for a stuck kidney
   stone, this occurred in the same Hospital in Brisbane that
   Ivory's wife Kaye Frances Ivory had prematurely also DIED
   in, but sadly Ivory's wife Kaye  was not medically revived in
   February 2007 in the same hospital in Brisbane Queensland 
   at only 53 Years of age.
  * Kenneth-Clyde Ivory was beyond any doubt as first-hand
     witnessed by Ivory him self, while he Ivory was being
    physically murdered by smothering, before being revived!

First (1) Premature Death of a key 1800 Prefix Fault Witness:
Moreover in 1996 TELSTRA'S White Page Directories Listing Lady Ms. June Hatton a Telstra officer of the Commonwealth prematurely DIED in that same Brisbane Hospital while also getting put to sleep for a minor procedure.
Ms. Hatton was the Telstra lady as an officer of the Commonwealth who did on the 11th May 1994 first notified Kenneth-Clyde Ivory that his business' 1800 Prefix Number1800 777 592 was still a DEAD LINE when dialled and so she ("Ms. Hatton") could not list Ivory's businesses 1800 Prefix Number in any Telstra Directories until she could first hear Ivory's 1800 Prefix Number to first start to ringing when dialled by Ms. Hatton, saying to the effect as that was her Telstra instructions that she must first test all individual 1800 prefix line number ranges to see if they had all been succesfully 'network conditioned' and were ringing.

Premature Death of a key 1800 Prefix Fault Witness':
Also in 2007 just Six (6) days before Kaye Frances Ivory prematurely DIED Kenneth-Clyde Ivory himself had almost DIED while under extreme duress by being refused adjournment to look after his then dying wife so Ivory was forced to be instead still sitting in the State of Queensland Court Registrar's Office due to 2002 Fraud & Bogus wrongdoings perpetrated by Appeal Court Judicial Corruption involving the former State of Queensland Solicitor-General and his State of Queensland Judicial officer mates while the Solicitor-General was corruptly acting on competing loyalty retainer bribes for TELSTRA & MEAD and that corruption resulted in Kenneth-Clyde Ivory having had a Coronary & Stroke and so Ivory was carted off from the Registrar's Office to Hospital in an Ambulance.
                    'TOXIC CABINET MEMBERS'
                         'TOXIC MSJ PARTNERS'

Not just the Past & Present CABINET MEMBERS' of our Parliament from all sides of Politics do each have PREMATURE DEATH on their hands (so to speak) as does the Mallesons Stephen Jaques Partners & their Thynne & Macartney Partner cohorts as does their RETAINER BRIBED Queens Counsel & Senior Counsel & their corrupted Judiciary Cohorts all resultantly occurred due to and by their collusive misuses & abuses perpateded by MEAD the MSJ Partnership inside TELSTRA strategically positioned officer of the Commonwealth having Falsely & Bogusly perjured himself to have perpetrated the 1996 Christmas Time DEPRIVATION of HUMAN & CIVIL LIBERTIES committed as part of the MSJ CoT Debt 'Avoidance Tactics' committed for ongoing MSJ LAWYER FODDER.                                   
                                  Honourably,  Sincerely, and                                   
                                  Without Prejudice UCC I-308 and with All
                                  Rights Fully Reserved by
                                  Kenneth-Clyde Ivory, and also by             
                                  We at Cabinet - Deceitful - Tactics, and 
                                  We thank You for Your very valuable time 

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